CD11 Flashpoint: Harris Joins Student Walk-Out at West Essex High

Demonstrating again her willingness to jump into real-time issues and events, CD11 candidate Tamara Harris stood on Wednesday with students at West Essex Regional High School as they joined in the national movement to remember the 17 high school students and teachers killed last month in Parkland, Florida. 

Harris is running in the Democratic Primary against Mikie Sherrill, who has the backing of the party establishment.

“Guns are not just an issue for urban America. What we saw in Parkland, Florida could have happened in North Caldwell, Verona, or Montclair, so I am very proud of the students at West Essex High School for taking a stand on this critical issue,” said Harris, who called on every elected official in Washington to finally draw a line in the sand and say, “No more!” to the unchecked ability to access weapons of mass murder.

“Removing weapons of mass murder from the streets isn’t just a policy goal for me. It’s very personal. I’m a mother who used to live just a few blocks away from West Essex High School and I know what it’s like to worry about the safety of my daughters once they leave home for school,” Harris said. “I don’t own a gun and I truly believe we must remove from our neighborhoods, all lethal firearms that can kill dozens of people per minute.”


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