CD11 Flashpoint: Webber Throws Murphy Budget in Sherrill’s Lap

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26) wants to know if his Democratic opponent in the 11th District General Election plans to back Governor Phil Murphy’s $37.4 billion budget proposal.
“I am a small business owner and father of seven,” said Webber, who earlier this month secured the Republican nomination to fill the seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11). “I pay the monthly mortgage for my family, and sign the front of the paychecks for my employees every two weeks.  I understand the concerns of average taxpayers and always keep our interests in mind – that’s why I have stood up consistently against both Democrats and Republicans whenever anyone has tried to raise our taxes.”
The Webber Campaign noted Mikie Sherrill’s decision to shrink “from standing up to her own party on the issue of ethics,” an apparent swipe at the Democratic nominee’s ballot placement beneath U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), admonished last year by a Senate Ethics Panel.
Now, Webber is needling his opponent on the Murphy budget plan, which contains $1.5 billion in new taxes, including, significantly, a millionaire’s tax.
“Mikie Sherrill is focused on working across party lines to pass a tax plan that puts our families here in New Jersey and our district first,” Sherrill Campaign Manager Mollie Binotto responded in a statement. “Assemblyman Webber would rather push his own extreme agenda than discuss his record on the issue. He is in favor the GOP tax bill that hits New Jersey harder than any other community in the country and voted against lowering the state sales tax and against raising the earned income tax credit and the retirement tax exemption. Our neighbors are tired of the blind partisanship that is the hallmark of Assemblyman Webber’s career in Trenton, and certainly, do not want more of that in Congress.”


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  • wloglobal

    Webber’s campaign manager must be an idiot.

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