Clarke Hopes Books Give Her a Spark


One of those speaking at Tuesday’s lengthy and passionate school board meeting in Roxbury was Christine Clarke, the Democratic candidate for state Senate in LD-25.

She was a bit out of step with the other politicians, just about all of whom were Republicans. For example, four of the Assembly candidates running for the two GOP nods in LD-24 were at the meeting, three of whom spoke.

We see today that Clarke is trying to make sure her comments in opposition to book banning pay dividends – literally. She sent out a solicitation appeal based on what’s happening in Roxbury where a high school librarian has sued four parents who allegedly defamed her.

Clarke put it this way:

“I’ll never forget walking into Eisenhower Middle School for the BOE meeting where they were set to consider the push to ban books in that community. It was a packed room full of both those standing up for our rights and those, who like my opponent, will stop at nothing to take them away. As the hours of the meeting went on ahead of my turn to speak at nearly midnight, what became crystal clear was this, there is an extremist movement that, regardless of motivations, stands against my son’s rights, wellness, health, well being and ability to be himself. That stands against our LGBTQ friends, neighbors and against our teachers and librarians. That prefers to pretend our history and our community don’t exist.”

She then asks for contributions to send her to Trenton so she can be an “advocate for our kids.”

Clarke, who is from Jefferson, has run unsuccessfully for state office previously but that was in the more-Republican LD-26. Jefferson is now in LD-25, where the Republican voter registration advantage is a not overwhelming 2,400.

Anthony M. Bucco, who is in line to be the GOP leader in the Senate next year, is the incumbent.

Redistricting can be a complicated puzzle and that’s the case here.

Roxbury, the scene of Tuesday’s drama, is now in LD-25, but moves to LD-24 under the new map.

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