Conscience-Fortified Ramos Delighted to be in the House Backing DeGise

KEARNY – Tossed out of Stack World for his nay vote on public pensions and benefits, former Assemblyman Ruben Ramos of Hoboken beamed in the vicinity of his HCDO candidate of choice – Amy DeGise.

“I did the right thing, and I knew at the time it was the right thing, and that I could look back on that vote and feel good about it,” said Ramos.

Even though Senator Brian P. Stack got rid of him.

Stack had told Governor Chris Christie that he would be able to count on Ramos’ aye vote.

Ramos, a Paterson School teacher by trade, thought about it, then bucked Stack and Christie.

Now DeGise, a school teacher, is hitting Stack on his support for Christie with Ramos on her team.

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