Corrado Delays Way: Senatorial Courtesy in Effect Until Murph Secretary of State Pick Has LD40 Sit-Down

Senator Kristin Corrado, Assemblyman Kevin Rooney and Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips release a statement condemning the donation of $2500 contribution by former Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino to the Democratic candidate for Morris County Sheriff.

TRENTON – Up for secretary of state in the Phil Murphy Administration, Tahesha Way will have to first have a conversation with Senator Kristin Corrado (R-4) if she wants the job, a source told InsiderNJ.

Way was supposed to get pushed through by the Senate today, but it didn’t happen on account of Corrado exercising senatorial courtesy.

Corrado, a former clerk, wanted a conversation, a phone call, but apparently didn’t get one until this past weekend, when Way finally reached out to her.

That wasn’t soon enough for the senator who supplanted Senator Kevin O’Toole; who clanked heads early with Democratic State Party Chairman John Currie, Way’s staunch ally.

So Corrado waylaid Way.

For the time being.

“They will sit down next week, provided that goes well, she’ll sign off,” the source told InsiderNJ.



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