Cryan Backs Sweeney for Senate President

State Senator Joe Cryan stared down a county committee challenge in his backyard to hold onto the chairmanship of the Union Township Democratic Committee, a position he has held since 1996.

Union County Sheriff Joe Cryan today formally endorsed Senator Steve Sweeney (D-20) for another term as senate president.

“I have always believed in the importance of public service and the positive impact government can have on the lives of the men and women we represent,” Cryan said in a statement. “I am endorsing Senator Sweeney’s re-election campaign today and, if I am elected to the State Senate in November, I intend to support him for Senate President because I believe he shares those same views.”
The endorsement represents a significant victory for Sweeney, who counted Cryan a political enemy during the pensions and benefits fight and its aftermath. Cryan touched on their history in his statement.
“When I served as a member of New Jersey’s General Assembly, Senator Sweeney and I would occasionally disagree on policies, but those disagreements were never personal and always the result of a free exchange of ideas,” said the 20th District candidate for state senate. “Disagreement and compromise are the foundation of our government and differing viewpoints among elected representatives should be looked upon as a hallmark of our democracy and not a failure to achieve conformity. 
“We must never create limits for ourselves in the important work required to improve the lives of those we represent in the same way that we must never put aside the values and the principles that allowed us to become their representative in the first place,” Cryan added. “If I am fortunate enough to represent the 20th legislative district in the State Senate I hope to be working with Governor Phil Murphy and Senate President Steve Sweeney on behalf of middle class families throughout Union, Elizabeth, Roselle and Hillside.”


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