Smith, Danielsen and Egan Get a Democratic Primary Challenge in LD17

Senator Bob Smith (D-17), Assemblyman Joe Egan (D-17) and Assemblyman Joe Danielsen (D-17) must contend with Democratic Primary challengers in LD17.

The Piscataway, New Brunswick and Franklin Township Democratic incumbents respectively face William Irwin of Piscaway, Ralph E. Johnson of Piscataway and Heather M. Fenyk of New Brunswick.

Irwin, Johnson and Fenyk are bracketed together for the primary season with a slogan called Central Jersey Progressive Democrats.

“There are a number of issues locally that are not being addressed, including everything from a failure to mobilize against Trump initiatives and the gas tax, the Christie book deal, and his proposal to eliminate newspaper ads.”

Fenyk said Danielsen only opposed Christie’s book deal “after a lot of constituent pressure.

“These are people who have been entrenched for too long,” she said. “There is not fresh progressive thinking.”

The challenger described herself as one of “100 folks running for office” who affiliate with the slogan Central Jersey Progressive Democrats.

They don’t have a gubernatorial candidate right now.

“Phil Murphy seems sound on the issues,” Fenyk told InsiderNJ. “I’m very sorry to know that he signed on to Egan and Danielsen.”


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One response to “Smith, Danielsen and Egan Get a Democratic Primary Challenge in LD17”

  1. In what way are the people bad that you say should stand aside for you to be in charge Heather? It’s one thing to identify an issue and then seek power to fix it, quite another to identify power and then seek an issue to attain it.

    Not progressive and entrenched for far too long?? Come on — Danielson is halfway through his 1st elected term. Egan has been there a while, but has a great record (remember how he helped with sick leave in NJ or helped reduce New Brunswick unemployment to the lowest for an urban area in the state?), so how is he not ‘progressive’ thinking? Also, when you say that he is ‘not fresh’, you practice age-ism… As long as the policy is good, who cares how old he is? How old are you anyway?

    Really low-end and typical political attack rhetoric, and yet you say you are different than these ‘establishment politicians’??

    Truth is Heather Fenyk attempted to play both sides of New Brunswick politics for the past 6 years and now finds herself on the outside as a result — looks like now that she couldn’t win any favor from the inside like she tried to do, so now she’ll switch sides (again) and try to ‘take down the cool kids’ using the rental income she makes from her 10 unit apt. building.

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