Disunity in Union: the War at the Core as Krychiw and New Democrats Take on Cryan 

On Monday April 1, 2019, longtime Union residents and community leaders Jason F. Krychiw and Misael Guzman filed petitions to run for Township Committee in Union in the June 4th Democratic Primary. 

In addition, Krychiw, who came within 10% of winning a Township Committee seat last year, and Guzman spearheaded a coalition of residents to run for several County Committee seats in town.  Overall, more than 50 candidates submitted petitions in over 30 districts in Union.   

The group, United New Union Democrats, is running on a platform of sustainable change, progressive ideas, and holding leaders accountable.  They also represent a much more diverse array of people compared to the current County Committee in Union.  This includes people of many different ethnicities, cultures, and members of the LGBT+ community. 

The United New Union Democrats said they are tired of the current County Committee dynamic that is there to serve “the old party establishment and answer to current Democratic Chair of Union, Joseph Cryan.”  

“The people of Union need leadership that represents them well, we are ready to work for them,” Guzman said.   

“The era of party bosses in Union is over.  It’s time the people had a voice again.  We are going to take back our town, one neighborhood at a time,” Krychiw added.    

Cryan responded to the challenge here.

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