Dog Day Afternoon: GOP Hounds Natale on Pooch Problem

LaPlaca and Natale.

If this election season feels like it’s gone to the dogs in Somerset County, the same can be said of Burlington, where Republicans are targeting attorney Mark Natale, for allegedly leaving his pooch literally out in the cold.

“Unfortunately, while rushing out of the house with my two-year-old daughter, I didn’t realize only one of our dogs had returned to the house from their morning trip in the backyard,” Natale said. “I was so grateful to my neighbors and our local police department for catching this and calling me, so I could rush home immediately.”

The running mate of fellow attorney Gina LaPlaca, Democrat Natale is a candidate for the Assembly in the 8th Legislative District.

In one of the most-watched contests of the Nov. 5th cycle, Democrats are trying to wrench the 8th from Republican control as Assemblyman Ryan Peters (R-8) and his running mate, Burlington County Sheriff Jean Stanfield, play defense for the BurlCo GOP.

Democratic Campaign Spokesman Mickey Quinn was unimpressed by the latest throaty growl from the Republicans, and read into it more moon bay than teeth on bone payday.

“The last gasp of a sad, pathetic and dishonest campaign,” said Quinn. “Of course, this video was tactically released to coincide with the best day of the year for Ryan Peters and the worst day for South Jersey residents. As one of only five members of the Assembly to support Trump’s tax plan that eliminated local property tax deductions and raised taxes on middle class families, Ryan must be thrilled to find out the US Senate won’t take up legislation to fix this awful plan.”



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