Donald Trump’s War Against Black America


The Preamble to the United States Constitution defines “insure domestic tranquility” as a fundamental responsibility of the Federal government.  As President of the United States, Donald Trump is sworn to uphold this provision.

Yet as New Jersey native Kellyanne Conway made clear upon her departure, this is a provision of the Constitution that Donald Trump intends to violate every day until election.  As the departing counselor to the president stated without reservation, “The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order.” 

So Donald Trump is trying to promote domestic discord by provoking a war with Black America.  It is clear what set him off on the latest, totally unhinged stage in this war:  the highly rated ABC-Ipsos poll, which was published this weekend.

The poll proved conclusively that the recent Republican National Convention was an abysmal failure for the Trump campaign, perhaps the worst convention failure in modern political history.

The bottom line:  After both conventions, Joe Biden’s favorable/unfavorable has improved by six points to 46-40.  By contrast, Trump lost four points, down to 31-59.

And on the Coronavirus issue, the defining issue of the campaign, Trump continues to meet with an overwhelming 63 percent disapproval.

Yet there was even worse news from the Morning Consult poll regarding voters of color, as follows:

“At the same time, Trump left the convention with a slightly worse standing among voters of color, trailing Biden by 28 points among Hispanic voters (33 percent to 61 percent) and 74 points among Black voters (9 percent to 83 percent)”

Black Lives Matter.  And unfortunately for Donald Trump, so do Black votes.

So Donald Trump, in desperate condition in the polls perceives himself as having only one alternative:  To foment domestic discord, as Kellyanne Conway stated above, Trump is provoking a domestic war.  And his clear target is the constituency that most disapproves of him. Black America.

This past Saturday, a caravan of approximately 600 Trump supporters drove into Portland, Oregon, seeking a clash with demonstrators protesting on behalf of Black Lives Matter.  These Trump supporters launched paintball pellets at opponents and used bear spray as counter-protesters threw things at the Trump caravan.  Donald Trump referred to these Black-hating supporters of him as “great patriots.”

Black Lives Matter protestors stood outside the Hatch Act -violating Trump Convention speech at the White House Thursday night.  Trump called them “thugs.”

An Illinois teen-ager and supporter of Trump, seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, is charged with homicide in the shooting deaths of two protestors demonstrating on behalf of African-Americans in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Trump refuses to comment.

However, his son, Donald, Jr., retweeted a supportive message about Rittenhouse. The President has done nothing to get Donald, Jr. to remove his obscene endorsement.

And pathetic Trump sycophant, Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, refused to condemn Rittenhouse’s vile act, but simply referred to it as a tragedy.

Donald Trump’s entire life has been a chronicle of anti-African-American race hatred: his discrimination against Blacks seeking rentals in his Brooklyn housing projects in the 1970s, his defamation of the Central Park Five in the late 1980s, his embrace of the anti-Obama “Birther” movement. Now in the last year of his presidency, Trump’s career bigotry is crowned by his anti-Black race war to save his presidency.

I must give a warning to those of you who, like me, are passionate opponents of Trumpist bigotry, corruption, and mendacity. The following defamation technique of Trump supporters, which you may become subjected to, is right out of the Nazi playbook.

The Nazis used to defame their opponents as being mentally ill. Trump fascistic supporters defame his critics as having a mental illness, “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” or “TDS” for short. There is no such mental illness – this is just a technique of libel and slander of Trump fascists who are attempting to discredit Trump’s critics.

I confess that I am a little sensitive to this – I lost a quarter of my extended family in the Holocaust. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of voters who read Trumpist claims that somebody has “TDS” will recognize this for the lie that it is.

The Trump race war will make this the ugliest campaign of our lifetime. Our democracy will survive. In the debates, Joe Biden will expose Trump for the unfit leader that he is and reduce him to rubble. Donald Trump’s American carnage will be over on January 20, 2021.

Alan Steinberg served as Regional Administrator of Region 2 EPA during the administration of former President George W. Bush and as Executive Director of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission.

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  • Hancock212

    Poor, poor baby. Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting much worse. Hurry to you safe place and pullout your crying towel. Don’t forget your tinfoil hat – you wouldn’t want any facts to affect your judgement. I can’t believe that kids pay money at Monmouth U to listen to your whiney delusions.

  • De rebbeh

    OK, it’s time to survey the debris left behind by Mr. Steinberg’s two-minutes-hate of the day against his personal Goldstein, Donald J. Trump. Fortunately this disaster is merely rhetorical, unlike his comrades’ physical destruction of American cities, business, and people.

    TDS in this case would refer to Trump Delusion Syndrome, in which the sufferer believes things that are happening are not happening, and vice versa. RNC was a disaster? Black support of the president went from 15% to 24% in a week. Joe Biden will reduce Trump to rubble? First post-RNC poll shows a 49-47 margin. And that’s not taking into account Trump supporters’ reluctance to reveal their vote (precisely because of screeds such as Steinberg’s, and the willingness of his compatriots to act out on them) and because supporters of the American way of life would crawl over broken glass and under machine gun fire to vote for their guy. That’s how important freedom is to patriotic Americans.

    As the BLM Marxists take on the role of the Brownshirts, and the Antifa anarchists morph into the SS in front of our very eyes, I also think back to Steinberg’s deceased relatives — and I wonder what they would have thought if they knew one of their descendants had joined the Judenrat.

    But please keep writing Alan. I just can’t wait for the November 4 column detailing all the ways the election was stolen.

  • Bruce Todd

    From CNN, MSNBC, and even former Mayor of San Francisco and Speaker of the California Assembly Willie Brown, the organized and well-funded insurrection led by Antifa and BLM has overplayed their hand and in terrifying the majority of all Americans, in their words “probably secured the election for Donald Trump”. The “Derangement Syndrome”, fully on display since the day Clinton had to concede the election, to this day, has never acknowledged that the shift of independents and particularly younger Democrats because of the way the DNC blew up the rails that the Sanders campaign had been riding toward the nominating Convention, was the deciding factor in that election. That apparatus was in display again with manipulation of the Democratic process of recent contenders, against people like Gabbard, creating a cake-walk for Biden, and then pulling the person with the least pull, Harris, out of the magicians hat and onto the next-in-line spot behind a candidate that is already a contender for the 25th Amendment. The likely-hood in all probability is that he will be advised to drop the debates where he has less than zero chance of a good showing, as evidenced by his famous gaff of “I told them to fire him or they don’t get the money”. The American people and this Democrat are not just ashamed of, but fear what the Democratic Party and the “Never Trump Republicans have shown themselves to be. Delusional is a mild term for what most Americans are seeing daily.

  • Kathleen Demarest

    As a regular reader of your InsiderNJ columns, I want to thank you and express my appreciation for this column. It is a clear, concise, accurate description of the hatred and racism espoused by Trump.

  • Bruce Todd

    “The biggest threat to a Democratic election sweep in November isn’t the Republican in the White House, but the demonstrators who are tearing up cities in the name of racial justice,” Brown wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle. “What we need to do is have everyone, including the media, stop calling the after-dark destruction ‘demonstrations.’”

    Brown pointed out, “The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. did not cross the bridge at Selma under cover of darkness. You can’t even read a protest sign at night. The demonstrations end when the sun goes down. After that, it’s trouble for trouble’s sake.”

  • TeamAmerica1

    The U.N. defines antisemitism as a form of racism. Louis Farrakhan said “Jews are termites, Judaism is a gutter religion,” Obama was happy to appear with him in a photo op in 2005, and I bet Mr. Steinberg never referred to Obama as a Nazi. Covid19 will likely be curable sooner than TDS.

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