ELEC Eye-Pop: Pro-Sweeney PACs Smothering NJEA-Affiliated Attack in Most Expensive Legislative Race in NJ History


Spiking in South Jersey’s battleground LD3, independent expenditures have spent a record $21.5 million on legislative elections this year in New Jersey, according to a report this morning filed by the state Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), a 33% increase over the previous high.

IEs spent $16.1 million statewide in 2013.

Big IE spending numbers in LD3 drive the overall story this year, with Garden State Forward, the super PAC affiliated with the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), spending $4.5 million to date to oust Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3), and the pro-Sweeney super PAC New Jerseyans for a Better Tomorrow countering with $4 million. Leading the other PACs engaged in LD3, the General Majority PAC has spent $2 million, the Carpenters $1.2 million – both pro-Sweeney operations.  The super PAC of the NJ Realtors, the NJ Coalition of Real Estate, has poured in $300k.

The projected $16.6 million spending total in the 3rd District this year busts through the former record of $6.1 million set by IEs in 2003.

The FULL Elec report on IE’s can be found be clicking the link below:


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