Evesham Councilwoman Cooper to Run for LD-8 Senate Seat

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Democratic Party county conventions in Atlantic and Burlington have chosen Evesham Councilwoman Heather Cooper to run for State Senate, and Chesterfield education advocate
Andrea Katz and Hammonton High School teacher Anthony Angelozzi to run for State Assembly in the 8th Legislative District.

Evesham Councilwoman Heather Cooper, brings more than 30 years of experience working in the human services on behalf of special needs families and people with disabilities. As a councilwoman and former Deputy Mayor since 2019, she is committed to building a transparent and inclusive government, restoring fiscal stability, and keeping the community safe and affordable. During her tenure in Evesham there were no tax increases, the crime rate decreased by 28%, the township received millions in new grant funding to improve infrastructure, services to veterans, seniors and people with disabilities were expanded, and much more.

“As a lifelong resident of Burlington County, I know the challenges that we are facing with the growing affordability crisis in our communities,” said Cooper. “Our local businesses need our support, our working people need jobs that enable them to support their families, and everyone needs leadership that is engaged within the community and willing to take action. I am a visible, active partner to the people of Evesham, who I serve and advocate for now, and I look forward to bringing that same accessibility and commitment to delivering results to the entire District at the State level.”

Andrea Katz has established herself as a powerful voice in our communities fighting as an advocate for underfunded public schools, took on corporate interests to protect our environment and will be a voice for mental healthcare services.

“During my life, I’ve experienced hardships and understand personally how families need affordable healthcare, good public schools for their children, job opportunities and smart public policy to address the affordability crisis we face,” said Katz. “As a mother of three turned public policy advocate, I know that meaningful change is possible. As a state lawmaker, I will be a problem solver bringing new ideas and fresh approaches to the State Capitol.”

Anthony Angelozzi, a Hammonton High School teacher and President of the Hammonton Education Association, understands firsthand the challenges that our children face and has a unique perspective regarding the tools students need to succeed.

“Education is foundational to American opportunity, a good education can help level the playing field and give our students their greatest chance to succeed,” said Angelozzi. “I will be a strong voice for our children and understand that in order for them to flourish, now and in the future, they need to grow up in a thriving local economy where people aren’t just struggling to get by. We must help our small businesses and community farms so that they can continue to be the backbone of our communities, and help our families by creating job opportunities and working to to lower the cost of living.”

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  1. Councilwoman Heather Cooper would be a great state senator. If what she has done in the local level in Evesham is any indication of what she will do on the state level – it is a win, win for us all.

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