Examining Importance of Bi-Partisan Decisions, on State of Affairs

Steve Adubato is joined by Sen. Jon Bramnick (R) – NJ, 21st Legislative District, to discuss Governor Murphy’s Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Address and the issues with the ANCHOR Property Tax Relief Program; and the importance of Republicans and Democrats working together to make the best decisions for New Jersey.

Steve Adubato asks Sen. Bramnick about the willingness of Democrats and Republicans to work together and get things done for the people they serve, as opposed to making sure they beat the other party in the next election. Sen Bramnick responds “Remember, every time you do something that looks bi-partisan, the wing of your party starts criticizing you. One of the biggest problems is the people in the middle, that’s 70% of people in New Jersey, need to stick up for that kind of working together across the aisle.” Bramnick continues to say “in New Jersey, we get along pretty well, at the federal government it’s a disaster.”

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