In The Face Of Stack/Fulop Kick-Drop, DeGise Releases First Round Of Hudson Backers With Sacco And Sires Leading The Charge

County Executive Tom DeGise’s campaign released a first round of endorsements from Hudson Democratic elected officials, including Rep. Albio Sires, State Senator and North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco, Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, and several other Hudson County mayors.

DeGise reaffirmed today that he is running for re-election, and will announce additional supporters in the coming days, in the face of a joint decision by Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack and Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop to look for a new candidate in 2019.  ” I’m disappointed but not surprised by today’s announcement by Mayor Fulop and Mayor Stack, but it does nothing to change the fact that I’m running for re-election as County Executive in 2019,” said DeGise earlier on Wednesday. “I have run and won seven elections in Jersey City and five countywide elections, and I’m confident that Hudson County residents know my record and will continue to give me their support.”

“I have known Tom DeGise for a long time, and it’s clear that he is a person of unquestionable integrity and determination,” said Congressman Sires. “I’m proud to support Tom and will do everything I can to ensure that he is re-elected.”

“Tom DeGise has been a true partner and friend to North Bergen and I am absolutely sure that he is the right choice to continue as County Executive,” said Mayor Sacco. “I plan to work as hard as I can along with our entire organization to ensure that Tom is re-elected.”

The board is set for a potential reanimated Sacco v. Stack showdown.

“Over the last four years I’ve gotten to know Tom DeGise and he has done so much to help our team revitalize Bayonne,” said Mayor Davis. “Hudson County needs a leader like Tom and I’m completely behind him.”

Additional DeGise supporters include:


Guttenberg Mayor Wayne Zitt

Secaucus Mayor Mike Gonnelli

Kearny Mayor Al Santos

Harrison Mayor James Fife

East Newark Mayor Joseph Smith


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  1. Brian Stack is a bully with low IQ. You would think someone with a GED education level would be satisfied with his accomplishments. Well, go get them Brian. You can always go back to reading meters at PSE&G

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