Firefighters Release Their Formal List of Legislative District Endorsements

The New Jersey State FMBA, representing over 5,000 career firefighters, dispatchers, and EMTs used the occasion of yesterday’s statewide convention in Atlantic City to consider and act on endorsements for candidates running for the New Jersey State Senate and New Jersey General Assembly in this November’s elections. The endorsements came after convention delegates heard from more than 20 legislators and candidates that accepted the NJFMBA’s invitation to attend. 

“These endorsements were unanimous, hard earned, carefully considered and well deserved, ” stated Eddie Donnelly, President, NJFMBA. “They also represent much more than just a name on a press release or in an email. Our members that made these endorsements understand that this year, more than ever, we must back them up with boots on the ground and votes in the voting booth.” 

Among the candidates that addressed the convention were Senate President Stephen Sweeney,  Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, and Assembly Minority Leader Senator Tom Kean, Jr. Convention delegates also participated in discussions regarding professional development, physical and mental health, and community engagement. 

Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy, whom earned the endorsement of the NJ FMBA in 2016, also addressed the delegates ensuring them that not only would his door be open, but that he’d also “pull up a chair and listen.” 

“This convention’s success is unprecedented,” stated Eddie Donnelly, President. “From honoring our members who served our nation in the US Military during the Vietnam War, to offering them the opportunity to engage in discussions about the political future of New Jersey, the firefighters, EMTs and dispatchers we represent all across the state are more equipped than ever to serve their communities.”  




District 1                                                      District 2                                       District 3

Senate                                                              Senate                                            Senate

Jeff Van Drew*                                           Chris Brown                                  Stephen Sweeney*

Assembly                                                     Assembly                                       Assembly

Bruce Land/Bob Andrzeczak        Vincent Mazzeo/John Armato         Adam Taliaferro/John Burzichelli


District 4                                              District 5                                       District 6

Senate                                                          Senate                                            Senate

Fred Madden*                                           Nilsa Cruz Perez*                        James Beach*

Assembly                                                     Assembly                                       Assembly

Paul Moriarity*                                          Patricia Egan Jones*                  Louis Greenwald*

Gabriela Mosquera*                                Arthur Barclay*                           Pamela Lampitt*


District 7                                               District 11                                     District 13

Senate                                                          Senate                                            Senate

Troy Singleton                                            Vin Gopal                                      Sean Byrnes

Assembly                                                     Assembly                                       Assembly

Herbert Conaway, Jr.*                             Eric Houghtaling*                      Mariel Didato

Carol Murphy                                             Joann Downey*                           Tom Giaimo



District 14                                              District 15                                     District 16

Senate                                                          Senate

Linda Greenstein*                                    Shirley Turner*

Assembly                                                     Assembly                                       Assembly

Daniel Benson*                                          Reed Gusciora*                           Andrew Zwicker*

Wayne DeAngelo*                                    Elizabeth Maher Muoio*


District 17                                                  District 18                                     District 19

Senate                                                          Senate                                            Senate

Bob Smith*                                                 Patrick Diegnan, Jr.*                  Joseph Vitale*

Assembly                                                     Assembly                                       Assembly

Joseph Egan*                                              Nancy Pinkin*                              Craig Coughlin*

Joseph Danielson*                                   Robert Karabinchak*                Yvonne Lopez


District 20                                            District 21                                     District 22

Senate                                                        Senate                                                Senate

Joseph Cryan*                                         Thomas Kean, Jr.*                        Nicholas Scutari*

Assembly                                                                                                               Assembly

Annette Quijano*                                                                                              Gerald Green*

Jamel Holley*                                                                                                      James J. Kennedy*


District 24


*Steve Oroho*


 District 27                                     District 28

Senate                                            Senate

Richard Codey*                           Ronald Rice*

Assembly                                       Assembly

John McKeon*                             Ralph Caputo*

Mila Jasey*                                   Cleopatra Tucker*


District 29                                          District 31                                     District 32

Senate                                                          Senate                                            Senate

Teresa Ruiz*                                               Sandra Cunningham*               Nicholas Sacco*

Assembly                                                     Assembly                                       Assembly

Shanique Spight                                        Nicholas Chiaravalloti*              Vincent Prieto*

Eliana Pinto Marin*                                  Angela McKnight*                     Angelica Jimenez*


District 33                                            District 34                                     District 35

Senate                                                          Senate                                            Senate

Brian Stack*                                                Nia Gill*                                        Nellie Pou*

Assembly                                                     Assembly                                       Assembly

Raj Mukherji*                                            Thomas Giblin*                           Shavonda Sumter*

Annette Chaparro*                                  Sheila Oliver*                              Benjie Wimberly*


District 36                                           District 37                                     District 38

Senate                                                          Senate                                            Senate

Paul Sarlo*                                                  Loretta Weinberg*                    Robert Gordon*

Assembly                                                     Assembly                                       Assembly

Gary Schaer*                                              Gordon Johnson*                       Timothy Eustace*

Marlene Caride*                                       Valerie Vainieri Huttle*              Joseph Lagana*


District 39                                                 District 40

Assembly                                                     Senate

Holly Schepisi*                                          Kristin Corrado*



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