The Flap in Rockaway

ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP – Tucker Kelley, a longtime local activist, is seeking the Republican mayoral nod in the June primary.

He says he filed his nominating petition before anyone else and sought the slogan, “Regular Republican Organization.”

That was probably a pretty wise strategy, given the fact this is a Republican primary.

So wise that Joseph Jackson, the current mayor and Kelley’s opponent, had the same idea.

His petition also sought the “Regular Republican Organization” label.

So, Kelley gets the coveted slogan under the legal precept of “first come, first serve.”

Well, not really.

The Republican committee of Rockaway Township gave the slogan to Jackson. That was really no surprise; you expect the committee to support the incumbent.

Kelley is not accepting any of this.

He’s asking the courts to stop Jackson and any of his running mates from using the “Regular Republican Organization” slogan.

Not only did Kelley request it first, he claims that the municipal GOP committee didn’t have the right to award it because they do not own it.

This offbeat, but intriguing case, is now the province of Stuart Minkowitz, the assignment judge in Morris County, who has scheduled a hearing on the matter for April 19.

And just for the record, the official ballot devised by the county clerk lists Kelly’s slogan as “Regular Republican Party.”

That’s probably not the same.

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