Front-runner Murphy Anchor Legs NAIOP Breakfast Forum

Phil Murphy

NEW BRUNSWICK – In remarks this morning, Democratic gubernatorial front-runner Phil Murphy emphasized his commitment to growing New Jersey’s economy – for all.

“It’s the economy, the economy, the economy,” Murphy told the NAIOP crowd at a Heldrich Hotel breakfast forum. “We have too many people who live at the edges of the economy.”

He wants the Gateway tunnel project. He wants more investment in education and institutions of higher education.

And he wants to be bipartisan, he noted.

“[Republican] Governor [Tom] Kean is one of my mentors in life,” the Democrat said.

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One response to “Front-runner Murphy Anchor Legs NAIOP Breakfast Forum”

  1. When did Moneybags Murphy spend time with Republican Governor Tom Kean? Mentorship is a relationship in which an experienced person guides a less knowledgeable one. It is not a long distance admiration, and if truth be told, Kean ruled in a time of economic growth and declining morality. He saddled the working class with more debt and higher taxes, while supplementing Ronald Reagan’s class war against the American Dream. Frankly, I admire FDR & Bobby Kennedy. If I were going to invent phony mentors, it would be them, not a Republican patrician who escaped blame without being blameless. Unless I am reading it wrong & Murphy just wants to be a GOPer who decimates the Democratic Party.

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