Fulop Update: Jersey City Has 820 COVID-19 Cases, More Than 23 States

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop

A message from Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop:

As of today, Jersey City has 820 confirmed COVID-19 cases, a number higher than 23 states in our country. This again comes as no surprise as we have ramped up testing with the ability to get results faster than most other testing sites. Most importantly, I want to offer my sincerest condolences to the 21 Jersey City families who have lost someone to COVID-19. Our thoughts are with you during these trying times.

As we continue to work with the residents in our community who are showing symptoms, we also know that those on the front lines are worried about their risks. We are now setting aside testing times for healthcare and grocery store workers to help reduce anxiety as they continue to serve our community. You can reach out to the number on the website for more details.

I also want to give thanks and commend the JCPD and JCFD, despite facing hardship. The JCPD is removing illegal guns from the streets before shootings, the quality of life task force is still answering calls and the JCFD is still putting out tough fires in record time. Wishing a speedy recovery to all of those who have been affected and thank you to these heroes who continue to protect our community.

Next week, we will bring back alternate side parking (April 6 – 10) as we need to clean the streets. We are seeing an increase in litter and we need to help keep our City clean. If you need it, we have opened up public school lots for public parking. I know that most people find the hardship of moving their cars, but there are two key things I would like to point out on this. First, most cities didn’t suspend alternate street sweeping at all, but we did because we are trying to accommodate our residents. Second, we know fighting this virus is about cleanliness and seeing used masks or gloves on our streets is not helpful from a health standpoint. We will clean the streets quickly and properly next week and then return to suspending the rules again for the following week. Please work with us if possible.

Finally, our innovation team built a dashboard to provide residents with more access to data. I hope you find it useful.

To all of Jersey City – thank you for playing your part by staying home. Together, we will continue to get through this.

The statewide COVID-19 count is 25,590 cases and 537 fatalities,as of Thusday April 2nd, an increase of 3,489 cases and 182 deaths since Wednesday.

COVID-19 Cases by County
Data is provisional and subject to revision.

4,866 Positives Pending Further Information

4 Deaths Pending Further Information

Bergen County:

4,099 Positive Test Result(s)

120 Deaths

Essex County:

2,617 Positive Test Result(s)

99 Deaths

Hudson County:

2,270 Positive Test Result(s)

44 Deaths

Union County:

2,010 Positive Test Result(s)

34 Deaths

Middlesex County:

1,766 Positive Test Result(s)

48 Deaths

Passaic County:

1,750 Positive Test Result(s)

22 Deaths

Monmouth County:

1,458 Positive Test Result(s)

38 Deaths

Ocean County:

1,371 Positive Test Result(s)

38 Deaths

Morris County:

1,082 Positive Test Result(s)

40 Deaths

Somerset County:

549 Positive Test Result(s)

17 Deaths

Mercer County:

386 Positive Test Result(s)

4 Deaths

Camden County:

343 Positive Test Result(s)

6 Deaths

Burlington County:

294 Positive Test Result(s)

8 Deaths

Sussex County:

179 Positive Test Result(s)

7 Deaths

Gloucester County:

169 Positive Test Result(s)

2 Deaths

Hunterdon County:

130 Positive Test Result(s)

0 Deaths

Warren County:

116 Positive Test Result(s)

3 Deaths

Atlantic County:

50 Positive Test Result(s)

1 Deaths

Cape May County:

34 Positive Test Result(s)

0 Deaths

Cumberland County:

31 Positive Test Result(s)

1 Deaths

Salem County:

20 Positive Test Result(s)

1 Deaths

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