Gaburo Slaps Away at Guadagno’s Campaign

Somerset County GOP Chairman Al Gaburo said the campaign decision by Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno to challenge petition signatures submitted by Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16) radiates little more than sagging Guadagno fortunes.

Gaburo backs Ciattarelli for governor and has played a vigorous, front line and backroom role in trying to advance the assemblyman’s cause statewide.

“Embarrassing and desperate from Kim’s campaign tonight,” Gaburo told InsiderNJ. “They won’t debate. They won’t answer press questions. I guess they feel the need to change the subject. Last week she was looking in the rear view mirror. This week she can see us passing her by.”

Ciattarelli Campaign Strategist Chris Russell added a quote of his own:
“Given that the Lt. Governor is calling into question the signatures of people like Somerset County Sheriff Frank Provenzano, Hunterdon County Freeholder candidate Shaun Van Doren, Morris County Young Republican leader Jordan Chester, countless other GOP elected officials and leaders around the state – and even the signature of Jack Ciattarelli himself – we feel confident about putting this in the rearview mirror on Monday. This a ham-handed attempt to slow our momentum and it shows real desperation by a candidate who expected to be handed the nomination.  It’s just a shame that taxpayers are going to have to foot the bill so the Lt. Governor can tilt at windmills.”
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