Guadagno Gets Tough with Ciattarelli: LG Challenges Assemblyman’s Petition Sigs

The campaign of Lieutenant Governnor Kim Guadagno is challenging petition signatures submitted by the campaign of Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16).

Guadagno and her allies are claiming certain maladies and irregularities in the signatures of their chief rival in the Republican Primary for Governor.

This current cycle has already seen at least one handful of candidacies short-circuited by faulty petition signatures. Earlier this week, Essex County GOP Chairman Al Barlas knocked Bergen County GOP Chairman Paul DiGaetano’s freeholder slate out of commission when Essex County Clerk Chris Durkin ascertained disqualifying petition irregularities.

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2 responses to “Guadagno Gets Tough with Ciattarelli: LG Challenges Assemblyman’s Petition Sigs”

  1. Nothing unusual here. Petitions are an easy target since most people collecting signatures can’t read nor were instructed in the details. Biggest error is the wrong form – general election instead of primary.

  2. If you can not run a simple petition signing project and get it right, how on earth can you expect to run a political campaign much less a government?

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