Gill’s Bill Aimed at Inhibiting Trump Executive Order on Immigration Fails after Heated Exchange with Singer

Gill, left, with Assemblywoman Cleo Tucker.

The Senate today failed to pass state Senator Nia Gill’s (D-34) Bill No. 3005, which aimed at providing that State, county, or municipal law enforcement agencies and State or county correctional facilities are not to comply with federal detention retainers, transfer requests, and information requests regarding a noncitizen’s release from custody.

The bill aimed at preventing local law enforcement from having to pony up manpower and hours to aid federal immigration authorities under the provisions of President Donald J. Trump’s executive immigration order “unless the person of interest has been convicted of a serious crime.”

“It’s a disgrace,” state Senator Bob Singer (R-30) groused, specifically objecting to the DWI portion of the bill.

“Maybe it’s okay in your district, it ain’t okay in mine,” he added.

“I don’t know what you would refer to as ‘my’ district as opposed to ‘your’ district,’ Gill shot back.

The bill then failed on third reading 19-13 and Gill requested its removal.

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