Governor Lou Greenwald? Assemblyman Jamel Holley Thinks So

Assemblyman Jamel Holley says that real social justice accomplishments in NJ were imminent before Gov. Phil Murphy went to war with leaders in the NJ legislature. He says that if the full marijuana legalization bill had passed, the social justice effects would have been much greater than with the current expungement effort.
Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-20) lauded Democratic Party leadership in the assembly as he and his running mate Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-20) coast to victory in a low drama event amid high drama county discord.
“Today’s Assembly races that have very little challenge statewide is a direct reflection of our Assembly Leadership headed by Speaker Craig Coughlin and Majority Leader Lou Greenwald,” said Holley.
“In the midst of the Trenton challenges they have positioned members in a positive light to voters.”

Holley laid out his reasoning.

“We restored property tax relief with commitments moving forward, we accomplished the $15 minimum wage pathway, we have the votes in the Assembly for cannabis and an national historic step towards expungements and we have a great deal of confidence from our voters in our respective districts,” the Democratic assemblyman said. “Speaker Coughlin deserves another term if he so desires along with his leadership team with Majority Leader Greenwald.  In fact, Greenwald should be governor one day.

“Today, NJ is sending a message that they are satisfied with the actions of the Assembly,” he added. “We’ve been there on every issue.”
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  • James Devine

    Almost every issue like the gas tax increase, politicians pay hikes, corporate welfare for George Norcross. Not so much for millionaires tax or legal marijuana or a $15 minimum wage now or a state bank.

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