Governor’s Spokesperson Releases Statement About Dismissal of NJEDA Task Force Tax Incentives Lawsuit

Judge Mary Jacobson dismissed a lawsuit against Governor Phil Murphy’s task force on NJEDA tax incentives, which was brought by South NJ power broker George Norcross III. The suit alleged that Murphy established the task force to specifically target Norcross.
Statement from Spokesperson Darryl Isherwood Regarding Judge Jacobson’s Ruling to Dismiss the Lawsuit Against Governor Murphy’s Task Force on EDA Tax Incentives
We are grateful that this action against the Task Force on EDA’s Tax Incentives has been dismissed, allowing it to continue the important work of ensuring the EDA properly administered programs that distributed billions of taxpayer dollars.  We would like to thank Judge Jacobson for her thorough and thoughtful decision. The Governor also thanks Ted Wells and the team of exceptional attorneys from both Paul, Weiss and the Governor’s Office who handled this matter.”
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