Green Resigns His Union County Democratic Committee Chairmanship

Out of the public eye for months amid shifting political weather in his home county, Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-22) today resigned as Chairman of the Union County Democratic Committee “to focus his energy on recovering from an illness,” according to a statement released by Executive Director Nick Fixmer.

There was no explanation of the illness in the release or of the chairman’s prognosis, but Green plans on rejoining his colleagues in the New Jersey General Assembly once his recovery process is complete, Fixmer said.

In a statement issued by the party organization, quotes attributed to Green indicate the retiring chairman’s support for Senator Nick Scutari (D-22) to succeed him.

Organizational turbulence points to Scutari likely getting a challenge from the vice chair of the party, Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr.

Sources say it would be a close contest, if it comes to that.

Green, in the statement this afternoon, made clear his support for Scutari.

“Throughout my career, Nick’s been more than a colleague and ally. He’s been a trusted friend and close partner,” said the statement attributed to Green. “It was a tough decision to step back from leading the Party, but it’s a little easier knowing we have someone like Nick to step in. He’ll be a tremendous asset as our Party continues to grow and expand in the coming years.”

In the statement, Green said following consultation with medical providers, family, friends, and colleagues, he has concluded that the arduous recovery process prevents him from effectively serving as the Chairman of the Union County Democratic Committee.  Effective immediately, he said, the party organization should take the necessary steps according to the bylaws to assemble the county committee to elect his replacement.

“It is my sincere wish that no other action is undertaken by the party, and that the highest priority be given to electing a new chairman,” said the statement attributed to Green.

“Leading the Democratic Party in Union County has been an incredible experience,” he added. “I will never forget the stunning and historic victories we’ve all worked so hard together to achieve.  In fact, it’s a source of great pride that we have more Democrats elected in Union County today than we’ve ever had in our history. But, the party is larger than one person, and Democrats in Union County need to rally together and keep what’s really important at the forefront.”

First elected chairman in June of 2013, Green as a party leader scored wins in Scotch Plains, Garwood, Cranford, Springfield, Roselle Park, Kenilworth; along with the historic wins in Summit, Westfield, and Berkeley Heights.

“Even though I am resigning as Chairman, I know the team we have assembled is ready to take our party to the next level,” said Green. “That’s why I’m asking you to consider my longtime friend and colleague, Nick Scutari, to succeed me.  His credentials and abilities speak for themselves. Just as my predecessor Charlotte DeFilippo encouraged me to run as chairman, I am proud to support Nick to follow me.

“I want to thank every single person who called or sent notes to me during my recent illness,” said Green. “Your words of encouragement and your advice have been deeply appreciated. I humbly request continued patience and the respect of privacy for my family as I continue this recovery process.”

A source, irritated by the statement attributed to Green backing Scutari for the chairmanship, griped, “Hasn’t Mahr suffered enough,” referencing Assemblyman Jim Kennedy’s 2015 big-footing of the Fanwood mayor for the assembly seat, and making the case for the vice chair – not the LD22 state Senator – to assume the chairmanship of the party.

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