Guadagno Argues that Her Plan Exclusively Helps the Middle Class

SOMERSET – Animated, eager to try to score points off of what she says is Democrat Phil Murphy’s resistance to a discussion about property taxes, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kim Guadagno huddled up with a gaggle of reporters at Lincoln Gardens and kept on the attack.

“The number one problem on the list is property taxes, and I am the only one talking about it,” she said.

As Democrats glow in the aftermath of a successful Democratic Party conference in Atlantic City, the Republican candidate for governor again shared her encounter with a woman at an Atlantic County food bank who was in tears as she told her story of being unable to make ends meet.

This is a woman with a daughter in the United States Marine Corps, the LG added.

“My [property tax] plan would not benefit Phil Murphy,” she said. “My five percent tax plan would benefit the senior citizen getting ready to retire, the working family living on two paychecks that loses one, and the  millennial who has to live home. My plan helps the middle class exclusively.”


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