Guadagno has Communications Heavyweight Allen in Her Corner in Debate Lead-Up

In part in preparation for her upcoming debate showdown with Democrat Phil Murphy, GOP gubernatorial candidate Kim Guadagno has veteran communications coach Steve Allen in her corner.

Guadagno and Murphy have an Oct. 10th encounter at NJPAC on their schedule.

Allen works as a strategic training partner with Carmie McCook & Associates.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Allen “has provided communications consulting for more than 18 years, specializing in message development, media and public speaking coaching as well as confrontational debate preparation.”

Hehas coached spokespersons representing more than 90 ballot campaigns in 13 states on gaming, taxation, environmental and public health protection, nuclear energy, tort reform, mining, health care, stem cell research and policy, governmental reform as well as telecommunication and electricity deregulation issues, according to Carmie Allen & Associates.

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