Guns, New Jersey, and THIS Election Season

Remember Patricia and Mark McCloskey?

If the names don’t register, the incident will. They are the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at George Floyd protest marchers during the heyday of such activity in 2020.

Proving that there is always a Jersey connection, the McCloskeys have popped up in state politics – specifically in CD-11.

Mikie Sherrill won that once solidly-Republican district in 2018 and has fended off two opponents since – a feat made easier by redistricting after the 2020 Census.

Given the fact she got nearly 60 percent of the vote two years ago, GOP interest in finding a challenger to Sherrill this year seems to have waned considerably.

The leading candidate appears to be Joseph Belnome of Belleville, who ran last year unsuccessfully for the state Senate in the 34th District.

Belnome’s social media accounts portray a staunch conservative, which brings us to the McCloskeys – they have endorsed him.

Belnome’s web page features both Patricia and Mark with the latter holding a semi-automatic weapon and his wife a handgun.

Mark McCloskey says it’s time to send a “true constitutional conservative” to Congress from the 11th District and Belnome’s your man. (his name was spelled wrong, but let’s ignore the small details).

This was still a rather amazing endorsement.

One viewing it has to wonder just how a guy from Missouri wielding a semi-automatic firearm is going to play in, say, Mountain Lakes, Chatham, or West Caldwell. Probably not well.

At any rate, Monday at 4 p.m. was the primary candidate filing deadline in New Jersey. Nothing at least on the congressional level tops the McCloskeys entrance in state politics.

In truth, much of the oxygen was sucked out of the deadline after Tammy Murphy’s Sunday’s withdrawal from the Senate race.

But there was some news on the Republican side.

Last Saturday, Alex Zdan was making the rounds at a crowded diner in Jefferson, telling people he was running for U.S. Senate

The one-time News 12 TV personality said he was looking forward to an April 3 debate with fellow candidates Curtis Bashaw and Christine Serrano Glassner.

But then … things changed and he dropped out.

Zdan said on Monday:

“While I am incredibly proud to have received so much support from people looking for a new voice in Washington and to have received the endorsements of Monmouth and Passaic Counties, I believe it is best to avoid a long, contentious and expensive Senate primary.”



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13 responses to “Guns, New Jersey, and THIS Election Season”

  1. Please define a military style weapon. What streets? Are you willing to go tell the streets of Camden, Irvington, Paterson or just push a button?

  2. Define military style gun? They use shotguns thy use bolt action rifles, semiautomatic and automatic rifles they use pistols which one is military style? All guns are weapons. Bad people will use anything as a weapon. Military style is like saying what’s the difference between a squirrel and a rat.? The squirrel has better marketing. All you’re doing is marketing a term to scare people. bad people always get guns.

  3. There are no military style weapons on our streets. All we have is anti 2nd amendment politicians that violate their oath to up hold and obey our constitution including the 2nd amendment. Those who don’t should be removed from public office. Uncle Sam is not your babie’s Daddy 2 terms and get lost

  4. Politicians use the term Assault Rifles incorrectly. They want to instill fear.

    There is no such thing as an assault rifle. AR is an Armor Lite Rifle.
    Only the military has completely automatic weapons, meaning that if you hold the trigger the rifle fires continuously.
    The public, myself included, may own semi automatic rifles, meaning one has to pull the trigger for each individual shot.
    The same applies to handguns and shotguns.

    As for the need. The simple truth is that the police cannot be everywhere. One must protect his or her life, property and loved ones.

    Many states have constitution carry laws. It is a constitutional right to bear arms. NJ has limited people’s rights. If given opportunity the state will eliminate any right to own weapons.

    Why would anyone vote for politicians who would take the right away? If successful, what other rights will we be forced to surrender?





    An “assault weapon” refers to a semi-automatic gun designed for military use and quick, efficient killing. Assault weapons are uniquely lethal because of their rapid rate of fire and high muzzle velocity — coupled with large-capacity magazines, which attach to an assault weapon to allow dozens of gunshots without needing to reload. A large-capacity magazine is typically defined as any magazine or drum that is capable of holding more than either 10 or 15 rounds of ammunition.

    Military-style assault weapons and large-capacity magazines exist only to enact maximum destruction, and there’s simply no reason that everyday Americans need access to them.

    In shootings where assault weapons or large-capacity magazines are used, 155 percent more people are shot, and 47 percent more people are killed.



    (Thanks to all for asking.)

  6. STEWART RESMER: You should not talk about things you know nothing about. The FBI and DOJ, year after year, show in their reports that MORE people were killed with baseball bats, other bludgeons, fists, feet, rocks, and other blunt objects than by so-called “Assault” rifles, or any rifle for that matter. Assault weapons include machine guns, the SAW (Squad Assault Weapon–M249), automatic rifles. These are military “assault” weapons. You cannot buy these on the open market.

    You say a large capacity magazine of 10-15 rounds is not necessary for self-defense. Ask the wife that saved her own husband and children in Florida with an AR-15 with a 30-round mag. against multiple (5) armed home invaders, one who had a semi-automatic rifle. Home invasions involve more than 2 perps.

    As for shotguns with 30 rd. magazines, are they military-style “assault” weapons???? Any firearm can be a Military-style “assault” weapon by your definition seeking to usurp the Second Amendment and ban all firearms. Bows & arrows and cross-bows are considered “assault” weapons. Spears are considered “assault” weapons. Baseball bats are considered “assault” weapons. Vehicles that run down people on a sidewalk are “assault” weapons. Molotov Cocktails are “assault” weapons. So, tell us, how would you ban all of these “military-style” assault weapons???

    You don’t know what an “assault” weapon is? You don’t even know what a “military-style” weapon is. Again, you should STFU when talking about things you know nothing about.

  7. Well said.

    NJ already places a ten round magazine capacity. This presents a problem with defending oneself during a home invasion.

    If anyone has experienced a home invasion by multiple assailants you would understand.

    People who are ignorant of the difference between automatic and semi-automatic weapons should educate themselves before entering the debate.

    As stated above, AR means Armor Lite, not assault rifle. Only the military can obtain fully automatic rifles. The general public is only permitted semi-automatic rifles. In NJ, a ten round magazine is the maximum.

    Big difference between this and military rifles.

    Final point – Bad guys will always obtain guns, rifles etc. They don’t obtain permits or register their weapons.

  8. STEWART RESMER: Obviously, you don’t have a cogent answer to my facts; so you resort to name-calling, gaslighting and projection. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about when it comes to “gun control”, firearms, what is an “assault rifle” [you probably think the “AR” in AR-15 means “assault rifle”; it means the manufacturer–ARMALITE]. You can’t even tell us what an “assault rifle” is, but you can run around like “Chicken-shit Little” and with knee-jerk reaction demand they be banned. No clue Steve strikes again. You talk but say nothing.

  9. It is interesting to note here that everyone of the mass shooters in the past several years were Leftists, registered Democrats, Socialists, Environmental Socialists, Communists, anti-Trumpers, anti-Conservatives, anti-Republicans. Just read their manifestos. They all say the same things. And, somehow they were able to buy or get firearms to kill people, even if they were prohibited from obtaining guns. So, gun control does not work, unless of course you want a complete ban and a totalitarian nation (see, Communist China, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Iran, North Korea, Australia, New Zealand). Even the U.K., which has strict gun bans, is loosening them up to allow people to buy firearms for their own self-defense.

  10. Thank you Thomas.

    Although I spelled Armalite it incorrectly I tried to educate Mr. Resmer. But as you note, liberals refuse to have honest debates and discussions. They fail in the area of civility, integrity and honesty.

    They resort to insults and name calling. When this starts, there is no more civil, intelligent discussion to be had. Let the liberal mouth off and put the idiocy on full display.

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