Hamm Calls for a Ceasefire in Gaza

Lawrence Hamm, a U.S. Senate Candidate in the 2024 Democratic Primary, and chairman of the People’s Organization For Progress, wants a ceasefire in Gaza.

“This war must stop,” said Hamm. “Today, I call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The conflict is leading to a genocidal catastrophe for Palestinians living there, and drawing other countries into wider regional hostilities that could potentially trigger world war. I call upon President Biden and Congress to alter their current military course and utilize diplomacy and negotiation to de-escalate the conflict. If the U.S. continues down the path we are on it will have disastrous consequences.”

The Biden Administration does not support a ceasefire at this time.

Hamas is holding 200 hostages, according to Israel, including Americans.

For his part, Hamm noted the killings of 1,400 Israelis and 6,500 Palestinians including 2700 children, and a tally of 16,000 Palestinians wounded since the beginning of the conflict.

“The war has produced a humanitarian crisis. The Palestinians in Gaza are in desperate need of food, water, fuel, electricity, medicines, medical supplies and personnel,” he said. “I call upon the Biden administration to make possible an immediate and unrestricted flow of all necessary humanitarian aid into Gaza. The trickling in of aid occurring now is totally inadequate for the level of need that exists. Israel’s blockade of Gaza must end.

“I urge the Biden administration to shift its focus and energies away from military buildup in the conflict to resolving the humanitarian crisis, achieving the safe return of all the hostages, and finding a just solution to the plight of the Palestinians in order to prevent future conflict,” Hamm added. “A just solution for the Palestinians must include an end to occupation, annexation, apartheid, dispossession and violation of Palestinian human rights by Israel. It must also recognize the right of Palestinians to self-determination and a viable Palestinian state.

“The majority of Americans don’t want to see the nation embroiled in yet another war. Especially one that could involve the deployment of U.S. troops. The Biden administration should listen to voices of Americans calling for a ceasefire instead of the right-wing Netanyahu regime. Failure to do so could have negative consequences for Democrats in next year’s elections. A few years ago the Biden administration ended the U.S. war in Afghanistan. That war lasted twenty years and cost the nation trillions of dollars. I urge the administration not to plunge the United States into what may turn out to be a more costly and disastrous debacle.”

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3 responses to “Hamm Calls for a Ceasefire in Gaza”

  1. Just three weeks ago this enemy raped and murdered women in front of their children, burned infants alive, decapitated them, and took hostages, it is now purposefully using civilians as human shields. To pivot from that reality by calling for an end to Israeli “apartheid” and a “just solution” for the Palestinians without a word about Hamas (except to release the hostages they kidnapped) tells you all you need to know about Mr. Hamm. As well as why some people may actually prefer a bomb throwing narcissist (Trump) over the Progressive Left. Hamm and his feckless colleagues are the oxygen that allows MAGA to breathe.

  2. Thank you Larry Hamm! We can always count on you to be on the side of truth and justice and liberation. I wish we had more candidates like you. Keep fighting. More and more people everyday are cutting through the lies and propaganda and are starting to see the truth. It’s time to stop these occupations and stop these useless wars. Let’s build a world where ALL of our basic needs are met and everyone can thrive. None of us are free until ALL of us are free. Free Palestine!

  3. Thank you Cassandra for making my point more effectively than I could have done so without you. I actually feel pretty free already. Cassandra – don’t you? What personal sacrifices, really, are you making to give your empty words meaning? Marching for an hour, and then hoping in an Uber, grabbing a bite to eat, and going home?

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