Hayes Bucking for a Comeback – as a Democrat

A source close to the Bridgewater mayoral race told Insider NJ that the June 4th Republican Primary between Mayor Dan Hayes and challenger Councilman Matt Moench is a coin toss contest.

A proud Republican leader of a sprawling GOP town, former Bridgewater Mayor Dan Hayes will try to return to his throne of power.

As a Democrat.

It’s true.

InsiderNJ last year noted Hayes’ attendance at a Somerset Dems’ holiday party:

The presence of former Bridgewater Mayor Dan Hayes at the Somerset Democrats’ Christmas party earlier this month filled some of those in attendance with nefarious schemes of packing the stockings of Bridgewater Republicans with coal.

Less than rip-snorting production GOP numbers in Bridgewater in this past election have Democrats in heat-seeking mode when it comes to Somerset’s big, multi-neighborhood, wraparound town.

Word is that Hayes – defeated in his quest for a third term (2,769 to 1,606, a 27-percent margin) by rival Republican Matt Moench – could be on the prowl for a comeback next year – as a Democrat.

A source who saw Hayes at the party threw out the possibility of Dems’ trying to hook Hayes for a legislative campaign effort, but someone else closer the mayor said he probably won’t undertake anything other than a local stab at redemption.

Hayes, the second source said, has unfinished business with his old nemesis Moench.

As it turns out, he will indeed take the plunge under a blue banner, attempting to unhorse the Red Team.

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