Here’s What Happened Under The Gold Dome On Thursday

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Here’s what happened under the Gold Dome on Thursday (February 20th):


The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet on Monday, February 24, 2020 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “3” and “4” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

AR109 Coughlin,C Assembly Rule 10:1-updates the Assembly standing reference committees

Bills Introduced:

A2798 Schaer,G/Reynolds-Jackson,V Inmates participating in college degree programming-reduce parole eligibility REF ALP

A2799 Murphy,C Entrepreneur Learner’s Permit Pilot Program-Business Action Center establish REF AST

A2800 Schaer,G Charter school-permits limited admission of certain students REF AED

A2801 Murphy,C Utility work-provide notice of certain utility work that could impact traffic REF ATU

A2802 Schaer,G Electronic Plan Review System-establishes; applications electronic submission REF AHO

A2803 Murphy,C Disabled person-req restricted parking spaces located near youth athletic fields REF ATR

A2804 Schaer,G Flood insurance premiums-adds to property tax levy cap exclusions increase REF ASL

A2805 Murphy,C/Dancer,R Vet., disab. & Purple Heart recipient-not req to own veh, exempt from meter fees REF AMV

A2806 Schaer,G Prop tax levy cap-create exclusion, provide matching funds to qualify for grants REF ASL

A2807 Murphy,C Veh, autonomous-DLPS estab training prog prepare law enforcement off to interact REF ALP

A2808 Schaer,G Mortgage foreclosure actions-be filed by attorneys REF AHO

A2809 Murphy,C/Mosquera,G+1 Parole revocation-requires for assaulting or threatening law enforcement officer REF ALP

A2810 Murphy,C Sexual assault forensic evidence-requires evidence be preserved for 10 years REF ALP

A2811 Schaer,G Parking tickets by mail-permits service REF ALP

A2812 Schaer,G/Pinkin,N Furniture, tip over risk-furniture retailers prov. notice; tip restraint devices REF ACO

A2813 Murphy,C Uniform Criminal Records Accuracy Act REF ALP

A2814 Schaer,G GPS navigation devices-permits installation, not obstruct mv operator’s vision REF ACO

A2815 Murphy,C Residential mortgages-authorizes HMFA to offer loans for refinancing REF AHO

A2816 Schaer,G Standard Forms Contracts Act-establish procedures for determining enforceability REF ACO

A2817 Murphy,C Nonprofit Hospital Community Service Contribution Study Commission-establishes REF ASL

A2818 Schaer,G Appeal bonds in civil actions-limits amounts to $50M REF AJU

A2819 Murphy,C Mortgage Assistance Pilot Program-establishes REF AHO

A2820 Murphy,C Municipal announcements and accept complaints-required by electronic means REF ASL

A2821 Schaer,G Health Insurance Network Adequacy-establishes NJ Commission REF AFI

A2822 Murphy,C/Pinkin,N Prop. tax exemption-req. cost-benefit analyses/local government financial impact REF ASL

A2823 Schaer,G Insurance fraud related to health claims-criminal and civil penalities REF AFI

A2824 Murphy,C Non-residential foreclosed vacant and abandoned property-creditor maintain REF AHO

A2825 Schaer,G Health claims-classify med necessary procedures, remit payment for svcs rendered REF AFI

A2826 Murphy,C Governor’s budget message-incl. fiscal analyses of recommendations to raise rev REF ASL

A2827 Schaer,G Health Care Prov Network Transparency-estab access to health care prov discounts REF AFI

A2828 Murphy,C Disclosure statements-reduces threshold for filing annually REF ASL

A2829 Murphy,C Veterinary practice licensure laws-upgrades penalties for violating REF ARP

A2830 Murphy,C Buprenorphine-req health benefits coverage for pain treatment w/out step therapy REF AFI

A2831 Murphy,C Hairstyling licensees-complete domestic violence and sexual assault awareness ed REF ARP

A2832 Murphy,C Dog Trainers Licensure Act REF ARP

A2833 Jasey,M Charter school-modifies various aspects including student enrollment procedures REF AED

A2834 Murphy,C Blueberry muffin-designates as the State Muffin REF ASL

A2835 Murphy,C Education Board & municipalities-record public meetings & post recordings REF ASL

A2836 Murphy,C Handwritten signature from pub disclosure-exempt; redaction, posted on Internet REF ASL

A2837 Jasey,M+1 Teaching staff member assessment-limit use of student progress, no more than 10% REF AED

A2838 Mukherji,R Contraceptives long acting reversible-DHS implement pymt strategy, encourage use REF AWC

A2839 Mukherji,R Suicides by minors-requires reporting of certain attempted and completed REF AWC

A2840 Mukherji,R Unclaimed water utility deposits-dedicate to Statewide nonprofit util. asst. org REF ATU

A2841 Mukherji,R UEZ in Hoboken City-authorizes creation REF ACE

A2842 Schaer,G Pediatric emergency departments, certain-impose requirements REF AHE

A2843 Mukherji,R/Chiaravalloti,N Vote-employers required to provide paid leave to employees REF ALA

A2844 Schaer,G/Gove,D Family day care provider, registered-permits up to 10 children to be cared for REF AWC

A2845 Schaer,G Homemaker-home health aides-revises requirements for certification REF AHE

A2846 Mukherji,R Low-income person-permits local units & authorities to reduce water/sewer fees REF ATU

A2847 Schaer,G Health care agencies & svc firms-estab pilot prog, incentive-based value payment REF AHE

A2848 Mukherji,R/Pinkin,N Neonicotinoids-prohibits application on State, county or municipal property REF AEN

A2849 Schaer,G Nursing homes-establish pilot program for incentive-based value payment system REF ASE

A2850 Mukherji,R/Pintor Marin,E Public Water Supply Fluoridation Act-concerns public community water systems REF AHE

A2851 Schaer,G Out-of-State fac-disclose business relationship when making patient referrals REF AHE

A2852 Mukherji,R Advanced cyberinfrasture strategic plan-develop REF AST

A2853 Schaer,G Adult medical day care-increases reimbursement rate for providers REF ASE

A2854 Schaer,G Tire waste sites-requires continuing identification and remediation REF AEN

A2855 Mukherji,R Credit unions, certain-exempts from sales and use tax REF AFI

A2856 Schaer,G St administered pension funds-prioritize in-state infrastructure proj investment REF ABU

A2857 Mukherji,R Film production facility-provides CBT and income tax credit, cert capital invest REF ACE

A2858 Schaer,G State pension funds & Cash Management Fund-expand range of investment vehicles REF AFI

A2859 Schaer,G Police services-pub. util reimburse municipality 60 days after bill is submitted REF ATU

A2860 Schaer,G Neighborhood Solar Energy Investment Program-establish REF ATU

A2861 Moen,W FamilyCare-elim. req. to be w/out health insur. for 3 months prior to enrolling REF AWC

A2862 Schaer,G Rape care advocates-concerns victim’s right under certain circumstances REF AJU

A2863 Moen,W/Swain,L Water, drinking-req. public water systems provide notice of elevated lead levels REF AEN

A2864 DeCroce,B Algal blooms-authorize use of CBT revenues for grants for prevention/remediation REF AEN

A2866 Dancer,R Involuntary commitment-transfer person awaiting hearing to State psych. hospital REF AJU

A2867 DiMaio,J Prop tax, State-deduct amount paid on principal resid from income tax obligation REF ASL

A2868 Dancer,R Dyslexia website-DOE required to establish REF AHE

A2869 Dancer,R Veterinarians-expands prescription monitoring program to include REF AHE

A2870 Bramnick,J One-time alert on personal wireless devices-law enforcement officers receive REF ALP

A2871 Dancer,R Telepsychiatry-Medicaid cover and reimburse mental health svcs. provided through REF AHE

A2872 Dancer,R Nursing home resid personal fds-fund misapprop is grounds for cause of action REF ASE

A2873 Dancer,R Psychiatric hospitals-State reimburse counties for maintenance for patients REF AHE

A2874 Dancer,R Inmates transferred to psychiatric hospitals-concerns financial responsibility REF ALP

A2875 Dancer,R Cystic fibrosis financial assistance program;$425K REF AHE

A2876 Dancer,R Sobriety & drug testing req. for substance use disorder treatment ctr.-DHS estab REF AHU

A2877 Dancer,R+1 Property, vacant and abandoned-requires registration with municipalities REF ACD

A2878 Dancer,R Tax lien sales, electronic-establish standards REF ACE

A2879 Dancer,R Homemaker-home health aides-exempts minimum wage requirements compensation paid REF ALA

A2880 Space,P Hospitals & St. psychiatric hosp-repeals requirement to hold annual pub meetings REF AHE

A2881 Bramnick,J Education and employment-credit against income tax for pursuing REF ACE

A2882 Munoz,N Vote-by-mail ballot-county clerk send confirmation, different requested address REF ASL

A2883 Munoz,N Matthew’s Law Limiting Use of Restraints-establish REF AHU

A2884 Munoz,N Shaken baby syndrome & Period of PURPLE Crying program-establish awareness REF AWC

A2885 Munoz,N Count the Kicks-estab. campaign; ed pregnant women, track unborn child movements REF AWC

A2886 Munoz,N Paratransit veh, special-display flashing warning lights, discharging passengers REF ATR

A2887 Munoz,N Paratransit vehicles, special-creates motor vehicle offenses REF ATR

A2888 Munoz,N Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act-expand eligibility, broaden qualifier provision REF ACE

A2889 Munoz,N Light frame construction for multiple dwellings-evaluation of appropiateness req REF AHO

A2890 Lopez,Y Prof & occupational bds-req standards, considering applicants w/crim hist record REF ARP

A2891 Lopez,Y Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology Act REF AFI

A2892 Lopez,Y Restaurant Meals Program-estab in DHS; use SNAP benefits at approved restaurants REF AHU

A2893 Lopez,Y Licensed plate, special-change current sys. for discontinuance of various types REF ATR

A2894 Webber,J Algal blooms-appropriate from Trenton Capital City Aid for mitigation/prevention REF AEN

A2895 Space,P Hunting licenses-reduces residency requirement from 6 months to 60 days REF AAN

A2896 Space,P School Safety & Security Act-establishes penalties for criminal acts on sch prop REF AED

A2897 Space,P Apprenticeships and programs-provides dedicated funding for promotion REF ALA

A2898 Space,P Incarcerated individual-prohibits payment of temporary disability benefits REF ALA

A2899 Space,P Jr Firefighter Auxiliary members-promulgate reg pertaining to training/duties REF ALP

A2900 Space,P County vocational school districts-limits annual increase in tuition rates to 2% REF AED

A2901 Space,P School busing-extends limit for nonpublic school to 30 miles REF AED

A2902 Space,P Oral recitation from the Declaration of Independence, in schools-requires;$10K REF AED

A2903 Space,P Smarter Lunchroom Act-promotes healthy food choices in school cafeterias REF AED

A2904 Space,P Handgun permit-revise procedures for securing REF AJU

A2905 Space,P Best Use of Ugly Produce Award Program-establish REF AAN

A2906 Space,P Farm equipment and lawn mowers-concerns right to repair REF AAN

A2907 Space,P Plant species, endangered in NJ-concerns REF AAN

A2908 Space,P Bus. owners, self-employed-deduct their own pension contrib. from income tax REF ACE

A2909 Space,P Electronic benefit cards-restrict use by cash assistance recipients REF AHU

A2910 Space,P Abortion-cover full cost of incarcerated woman in county correctional fac. REF ALP

A2911 Webber,J Crimes, during state of emergency-upgrade to first degree REF AHS

A2912 Webber,J Motor vehicle registration renewal, certain-eliminates REF ALP

A2913 Webber,J Community Emergency Response Team members-perform traffic duties REF AHS

A2914 Webber,J Name change-MVC required to accept death certificate as proof REF ATR

A2915 Webber,J Juveniles-admitted to drug court programs under certain circumstances REF AJU

A2916 Webber,J US flag and recite Pledge of Allegiance-required at the beginning of meetings REF ASL

A2917 Webber,J Political party committee memb, newly elected-assume office upon certification REF ASL

A2918 Webber,J School Children First Act-establishes factor for determining compensation REF AED

A2919 Webber,J Public school district budget reduction-elim. appeals to the Ed. Commissioner REF AED

A2920 Webber,J New charter school authorizers and additional modifications-designation REF AED

A2921 Webber,J Home-school students-allow participation in school-sponsored activities REF AED

A2922 Webber,J School budget communications-places restrictions on unsolicited REF AED

A2923 Webber,J Loc. govt officers elected-proh employment w/law firm where contract was awarded REF ASL

A2924 Webber,J Generators, automatic standby-install in residences w/out zoning bd approval REF AHO

A2925 Webber,J Affordable housing developments, municipally owned-waive certain inspection fees REF AHO

A2926 Webber,J Fire/sch dist & county govt-share in burden of property assessment appeal refund REF ASL

A2927 Webber,J Municipal tax assessor-permits shared service agreement for tax assessment REF ASL

A2928 Webber,J Tax overpayments-increases interest rate paid on certain overdue refunds REF ASL

A2929 Webber,J Vehicles, county & municipal-prohibits use by part-time elected loc govt officer REF ASL

A2930 Webber,J State Debt Capacity Advisory Commission-establish REF ASL

A2931 Webber,J Highlands municipalities-allows residents designate on income tax returns REF AEN

A2932 Webber,J NJ Council of County Colleges-makes membership optional REF AHI

A2933 Webber,J S corporations-eliminate $375 minimum CBT with gross receipts of less than $100K REF ACE

A2934 Webber,J Income tax rate-re-establishes 6.37 percent REF AAP

A2935 Webber,J Petroleum product taxes-eliminate automatic increase REF ATR

A2936 Webber,J Wrongful life/birth suits-prohibits REF AJU

A2937 Webber,J Wills-not valid unless signed by testator or writtin in testator’s handwriting REF AJU

A2938 Webber,J Buildings, facilities or sports and games premises-limits liability for operator REF AJU

A2939 Webber,J Property rights-time frames for establishing or enforcing adverse possession REF AJU

A2940 Webber,J Vessel registration and renewal fees, dedicate $500K annually, Greenwood Lake Fd REF AEN

A2941 Space,P Electric public utilities-disseminate thru social media/text messages, cert info REF ATU

A2942 Space,P Combat Action Ribbon-authorizes creation of license plate REF AMV

A2943 Spearman,W School property-impose enhanced penalty for threat transmitted to kill/do harm REF AJU

A2944 Space,P Idling motor vehicles-permitted on residential property REF AEN

A2945 Space,P Electric public utilities-establish toll-free number, report damaged equipment REF ATU

A2946 Space,P Death penalty for certain murders-reinstates REF AJU

A2947 Space,P Bat houses-DEP designate areas in each State park and forest for constructions REF AAN

A2948 Space,P/Sumter,S Highlands Water Prot. Council-4 of the 7 memb. cannot be of the same pol. Party REF AEN

A2949 Space,P Local unit insurance funds-expands eligibility to join REF ASL

A2950 Space,P Affordable housing units-make available, preferential basis to cert elig persons REF AHO

A2951 Space,P Civil Service-eliminates seniority for reductions in force REF ASL

A2952 Space,P Senior freeze reimbursement-convert credit applied directly to property tax bill REF ASE

A2953 Space,P Affordable housing rules-exempts contaminated and industrially-zoned sites REF AHO

A2954 Space,P Motorcycles-authorizes creation of vertical license plates REF ATR

A2955 McKeon,J Governor Brendan Byrne Memorial Highway-desig Interstate Rt. 280 in West Orange REF ATR

A2956 McKeon,J Firearm possession during pub. demonstration, causing civil disorder-estab crime REF AJU

A2957 McKeon,J Youth Sports Task Force-examine issues incl. abusive coaching & bullying players REF AWC

A2958 McKeon,J/Zwicker,A Construction, new-permits municipalities to require be solar ready REF AHO

A2959 DePhillips,C Campaign contributions-prohibits candidate charges w/crime to use for legal fees REF ASL

A2960 DePhillips,C Veterans, certain surviving spouses-provides gross income tax deduction REF AMV

A2961 DePhillips,C Suicide prevention training for mental health practitioners-requires annually REF AHE

A2962 DePhillips,C First responder suicides-requires reporting to DOH REF ALP

A2964 Reynolds-Jackson,V/Verrelli,A Foreclosed property-notify municipality and common interest community REF AHO

A2965 Webber,J School district performance audits-expands authority of State Auditor REF AED

A2966 Space,P Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation-authorizes creation of license plates REF AMV

A2967 Space,P Electric public util-maintain registry of retired emp to use during power outage REF ATU

A2968 Space,P Public util-maintain registry of licensed electricians used during power outages REF ATU

A2969 Space,P Work First NJ program benefits-provide drug testing of adult recipients REF AHU

A2970 Downey,J Crime victim, certain-strengthens location confidentiality REF AJU

A2971 Webber,J Digital Impersonation Prevention Act-impersonate a person on Internet website REF AST

A2972 Webber,J Incarcerated individuals-prohibit receiving Medicaid, Work First NJ or SNAP benf REF AHU

A2973 Webber,J Building owned & used by municipality or vol fire department-exempt construction REF AEN

A2974 Webber,J Counties, mun. shared services-priority consideration of permit applications REF ASL

A2975 Webber,J Highlands Water Protection & Planning Act-concerns expansion or reconstruction REF AEN

A2976 Webber,J Greenwood Lake-mitigation and prevention of harmful algal blooms;$4M REF AEN

A2977 Webber,J Transportation network company-provide live customer service representative REF ATR

A2978 Webber,J Cadaveric fetal tissue, from elective abortion-prohibits cosmetic research REF AHE

A2979 Webber,J Addiction Med. Philanthropy Act-med. malpractice liab, substance abuse treatment REF AHE

A2980 Webber,J Greystone Park Psychiatric Hosp property-restricts sale/use of St-owned property REF ASL

A2981 Webber,J Tax abatement agreements-municipalities file copies w/in 10 days of execution REF ASL

A2982 Webber,J Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital-req sale, remaining unused St-owned portion REF ASL

A2983 Webber,J Executive county superintendent of schools-Governor allowed to remove REF AED

A2984 Webber,J Education Investment Act-estab. equity financing for ed prog at higher ed instit REF AHI

A2985 Webber,J College president compensation-post information on its website REF AHI

A2986 Webber,J Interscholastic sports athletics-student not enrolled in school, may participate REF AED

A2987 Webber,J Higher education institution-annually submit capital proj report/post on website REF AHI

A2988 Webber,J Vehicles, State-requires reduction in number over 5 fiscal years REF ASL

A2989 Burzichelli,J Brewing training program-student over 18 permitted to taste wine for ed purposes REF AOF

A2990 Burzichelli,J Heating oil deliveries-limit liability for persons who deliver oil to unreg tank REF AEN

A2991 Burzichelli,J Business personal property, local exchange telephone companies-local taxation REF ASL

A2992 Taliaferro,A Animal rescue org. or breeders-estab. requirements; revise shelter and pound law REF AAN

A2993 Taliaferro,A Jersey Canned Goods Program-establish to promote canned goods, food grown in NJ REF AAN

A2994 Taliaferro,A Jersey Frozen Foods Prog-estab to promote frozen fruit & other goods grown in NJ REF AAN

A2995 Taliaferro,A Bachelor’s degree programs-4 yr higher education instit offer, complete in 3 yrs REF AHI

A2996 Taliaferro,A Alcoholic beverage price list-revises certain licensee filing requirements REF AOF

A2997 Taliaferro,A Farm wineries-create alternating proprietorship for production REF AOF

A2998 Taliaferro,A Plenary winery licensees-exempts filing req imposed, litter-generating products REF AOF

A2999 Taliaferro,A+1 Student-athlete injury, lost athletic scholarship-institution prov. equivalent REF AHI

A3000 Auth,R Vouchers, pub school student-provides, parent consider learning material harmful REF AED

A3001 Vainieri Huttle,V Children under care of DCPP-may not be home-schooled REF AWC

A3002 Vainieri Huttle,V Domestic viol. shelters-allows income tax deduction for 50% of contrib. of $100 REF AWC

A3003 Vainieri Huttle,V Condoms-exempts from sales and use tax REF AHE

A3004 Mukherji,R Drug offenders, convicted-revises eligibility to receive assistance benefits REF AHU

A3005 Armato,J Mental Health Early Action on Campus Act REF AHI

A3006 Lampitt,P Audio or visual media intentionally deceptive-requires disclosure REF AST

A3007 Lampitt,P Higher education institutions-prov. students w/access to mental health care prog REF AHI

A3008 Lampitt,P Lactation Consultants Licensing Act REF ARP

A3009 Lampitt,P Basic Skills Training Prog. for Economic Growth-increases reporting requirements REF ALA

A3010 Lampitt,P Child care, higher education instit.-proh. an amount in excess of voucher amount REF AHI

A3011 Lampitt,P Higher education students, child custody-prohibits requiring to purch meal plans REF AHI

A3012 Lampitt,P Title IX-provide students w/information on rights; provide coordinator’s number REF AED

A3013 Lampitt,P Developmental Disab Division-make comprehensive program list available to public REF AHU

A3014 Lampitt,P Developmental disabilities-transfers certain individuals from DHS to DCF REF AHU

A3015 Lampitt,P Developmental disabled svcs-recover federal fund excess, support community infra REF AHU

A3016 Lampitt,P Carbon monoxide detectors-required in school buildings REF AED

A3017 Lampitt,P Contraceptives, self-administered hormonal-make available over the counter REF AWC

A3018 Lampitt,P Marijuana, medical-estab. protection from adverse emp action for auth. patients REF AHE

A3019 Lampitt,P Solar photovoltaic panels-BPU-certified person install on noise barriers & roads REF ATR

A3020 Lampitt,P Small businesses engaged in life sciences-creates matching grant program REF AST

A3021 Lampitt,P Youth serving organization employees & volunteers-registry for background checks REF AWC

A3022 Lampitt,P School distrist-provide a list of students who left school prior to graduation REF AED

A3023 Lampitt,P Familial status-concerns discrimination REF ALA

A3024 Lampitt,P Innovation zone prog-estab to stimulate tech industry clusters, receive tax cred REF AST

A3025 Lampitt,P Work First NJ General Pub. Asst.-young adult claimed as dependent receive benf. REF AHE

A3026 Lampitt,P Health clinics, retail-develop policies and procedures for identifying services REF AHE

A3027 Lampitt,P Workforce & Economic Development-funds for NJ Community College Consortium REF ALA

A3028 Lampitt,P Statewide Assessment Review Task Force-establishes REF AED

A3029 Lampitt,P Concussion evaluation and management-concerns written clearance REF AHE

A3030 Lampitt,P Supporting Knowledge and Investing in Life Long Skills Commission-establishes REF ALA

A3031 Lampitt,P Energy efficient building construction-provides credit under CBT and income tax REF ACE

A3032 Lampitt,P Sustainable Tiny Home Pilot Program-HMFA establish in 3 regions of the State;$5M REF AHO

A3033 Lampitt,P Patient Safety Act-clarify health fac/prof apology inadmissible in legal actions REF AHE

A3034 Lampitt,P Food service advisory committee-consider menu options reflect dietary preference REF AED

A3035 Lampitt,P Child support judgments-estab separate class of claims against insolvent estates REF AJU

A3036 Lampitt,P/Murphy,C Affidavit of merit-plaintiff obtain in malpractice suit against enrolled agent REF AJU

A3037 Lampitt,P/Karabinchak,R+1 Bullying, harassment & intimidation-estab pilot program to address climate issue REF AED

A3038 Lampitt,P Milk sharing dangers-establish public awareness campaign advising pregnant women REF AWC

A3039 Lampitt,P Child care centers, licensed-establish grant program, construct kitchen fac.;$1M REF AWC

A3040 Lampitt,P Local government employee on paid leave-proh a different county from employing REF ASL

A3041 Lampitt,P Home-schooling children under DCPP care-prohibits REF AWC

A3042 Lampitt,P Patient-Centered Medical Home Act-establishes REF AHE

A3043 Lampitt,P Community Health Worker Prog.-links med. underserved w/health care resources REF AHE

A3044 Lampitt,P Student mental health treatment at higher education institution-notify parents REF AHI

A3045 Lampitt,P Council of Women in Higher Education-estab. in St. Dept. to study/promote issues REF AHI

A3046 Lampitt,P Education enrichment demonstration program-creates CBT and income tax credits REF AED

A3047 Lampitt,P Innovation Schools Act-establishes process to develop REF AED

A3048 Lampitt,P Sexual assault allegations, certain-employers required to report REF ALA

A3049 Lampitt,P+1 Prescription drug pricing disclosure requirement, measures and reduce cost-estab REF AHE

A3050 Lampitt,P School employees-in-service training on safety & security incl threat assessment REF AED

A3051 Lampitt,P Teacher misconduct-DOE collect information and report to the Legislature REF AED

A3052 Lampitt,P Textbook vendors-requires DOE to maintain a list that use inclusive material REF AED

A3053 Lampitt,P NJ PLACE program-concerns & allocates $300K REF ALA

A3054 Lampitt,P School employees-in-service training on safety & security incl threat assessment REF AJU

A3055 Lampitt,P Stillbirth Resource Center & program-estab for prevention/reduction of incidents REF AWC

A3056 Greenwald,L School election, annual-move to November; submit proposals, addl budget spending REF ASL

A3057 Greenwald,L MLUL-modifies requirements for preliminary site plans and subdivisions REF ASL

A3058 Greenwald,L Open space trust funds-authorizes expenditures to develop or maintain land REF ACD

A3059 Greenwald,L Wine Promotion Account-increases dedication of certain revenues REF AAN

A3060 Greenwald,L Economic & Fiscal Policy Review Commission-establish; provide ongoing review REF AAP

A3061 Greenwald,L Educational assistance programs, employees-allow income tax deduction REF AHI

A3062 Pintor Marin,E/Moen,W Financial Empowerment Pilot Program, three year-establishes REF AFI

A3063 Pintor Marin,E Discrimination or harassment complaints-clarify provisions concerning disclosure REF ASL

A3064 Pintor Marin,E/Reynolds-Jackson,V Emerging Technology Urban Grant Program in EDA-establishes REF ACE

A3065 Houghtaling,E Beach umberllas requires anchoring-retailers post signs regarding risks REF ACO

A3066 Houghtaling,E Farm management disputes-auth award of reasonable costs/attorney fees to farmers REF AAN

A3067 Houghtaling,E Motor vehicle lease-requires certain disclosures REF ACO

A3068 Houghtaling,E Pension and retirement income exclusion-modifies-income eligibility cap REF AAP

A3069 Quijano,A United Way, NJ-provides voluntary contribution by taxpayers on income tax return REF AHU

A3070 Quijano,A Homestead credit-payment req. to claimant following sale of qualifying homestead REF AAP

A3071 Quijano,A Volunteer firefighter, rescue & first aid member-claim $500 income tax deduction REF ALP

A3072 Quijano,A Consumer Electronic Voice Recognition Information Act-prohibits operation REF AST

A3073 Quijano,A Schools public, private or charter-proh cloud computing svc from disclosing data REF AED

A3074 Quijano,A Election infrastructure vendor-disclose financial ties for vendor approval REF ASL

A3075 Quijano,A Urban farming grant and loan program-NJEDA establish REF AAN

A3076 Quijano,A Energy efficiency standards-adopt for general service incandescent lamps REF ATU

A3077 Quijano,A Coastal Climate Change Commission-create; study issues present to municipalities REF AEN

A3078 Quijano,A Black box warnings-DOH required to make list of drugs accessible thru website REF AHE

A3079 Quijano,A Parkinson’s Disease Public Awareness and Education Act REF AHE

A3080 Quijano,A Suicide Prevention Advisory Council-establishes in DOH REF AHE

A3081 Quijano,A Comprehensive Geriatric Fall Prevention Pilot Program-establish in DHS;$11.7M REF ASE

A3082 Quijano,A Executor or administrator-take control of online accounts of deceased person REF AJU

A3083 Quijano,A American Red Cross-establish special license plates REF ATR

A3084 Quijano,A Toll violation payments, cashless toll exit-prohibit charging administrative fee REF ATR

A3085 Quijano,A Tongue tie-newborn infant screening required REF AWC

ACR118 Murphy,C Preexisting conditions-prohibit denial of coverage by certain health insurers REF AFI

ACR119 Schaer,G Pharmaceutical manufacturers-urges review & extend product expiration dates REF AHE

ACR120 Schaer,G Pharmaceutical products-allow additional entities retain beyond expiration date REF AHE

ACR121 Bergen,B State tax, fee, surcharge, or civil penalty-requires 2/3 majority vote REF ASL

ACR122 Space,P Delaware River Basin flooding-1954 US Supreme Court Decree to address risk REF AEN

ACR123 Webber,J Minor children medical procedures-regarding parental notification; pregnancy REF AWC

ACR124 Burzichelli,J Public utility commission voting rights-petition w/in regional transmission org. REF ATU

ACR125 Reynolds-Jackson,V Cannabis equity programs-urges states to support REF ASL

ACR126 Reynolds-Jackson,V Debt settlement companies-urges efforts to protect minority communities REF ACO

ACR128 Lampitt,P Pet shops-municipalities require shops only sell shelter, pound, rescue animals REF AAN

AJR94 Moen,W/Chaparro,A Frank Sinatra Day-designate December 12 of each year REF ASL

AJR95 Dancer,R Chiari Malformation Awareness Month-permanently designates September, each year REF AHE

AJR96 Dancer,R Gastroparesis Awareness Month-designates August of each year REF AHE

AJR97 Dancer,R Joanne Chesimard, William Morales-urges for extradition from Cuba to US REF ALP

AJR98 Space,P Cooking with Kids Weekend-designates second weekend in July REF AWC

AJR99 Webber,J Remembering Victims of Communism Day-designates November 7 of each year REF AOF

AJR100 Space,P Farmers Market Week-designates first full week in August of each year REF AAN

AJR101 Space,P Bat Night Out-designates last full weekend in August each year REF AAN

AJR102 Taliaferro,A Healthy Pollinators Task Force-establishes; address pollinator health problem REF AAN

AJR103 McKeon,J Personal Carbon Footprint Awareness Day-designate April 22 of each year REF AEN

AJR104 Vainieri Huttle,V Bone Marrow and Umbilical Cord Blood Donation Awareness Month-designates May REF AHE

AJR105 Lampitt,P Paraprofessional & School-Related Personnel in Our Schools Day-2nd Fri. of Dec. REF AED

AJR106 Lampitt,P Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Day-permanently designates March 28th REF AHE

AJR107 Lampitt,P Fragile X Awareness Day-designates July 22 of each year REF AHE

AJR108 Lampitt,P Every Kid Healthy Week-designates fourth week in April of each year REF AWC

AJR109 Lampitt,P School Absentee Awareness Month-designates September of each year REF AED

AJR110 Lampitt,P Equal Rights Amendment-urges US Congress to pass REF AWC

AJR111 Quijano,A Learning Disabilities Awareness Month-designates month of October REF AHU

AJR112 Quijano,A Sickle Cell Awareness Month-designates September of each year REF AHE

AR100 Murphy,C+1 Prison Gang Violence Task Force-establishes to study security & safety REF ALP

AR101 Dancer,R Stargardt’s Disease-promotes increased public awareness REF AHE

AR102 Dancer,R Anti-police rhetoric and violence-condemns REF ALP

AR103 Space,P Non-dairy products-urges FDA to prohibit labeling as milk REF AAN

AR104 Space,P Recovery Court-urge to refer to supervisory treatment program as in publications REF AJU

AR105 Taliaferro,A Child Nutrition Act of 1966-urges Congress and President to reauthorize REF AAN

AR106 Space,P Natl Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, 1986-US Health/Human Svcs fulfill obligations REF AHE

AR107 Space,P Vision 2030-oppose certain parts for Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area REF AOF

AR108 Lampitt,P Absenteeism, chronic-urges DOE and school districts develop creative solutions REF AED

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A229 Aca (1R) DeAngelo,W/Wimberly,B+2 Telecommunications company-prov prorated refunds, svc outages longer than 24 hrs REP/ACA

A312 Danielsen,J/Mukherji,R+5 Public utility termination-provide customer certified letter 10 days prior REP

A1725 Aca (1R) Kennedy,J/Benson,D Pub. util. & cable tv svc providers-notify public entities of svc discontinuance REP/ACA

A2371 AcaAca (2R) Kennedy,J/Pinkin,N Food waste generators, large-required to separate and recycle waste REP/ACA

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A2101 Aca (1R) Swain,L/Tully,P+4 Public utilities infrastructure projects-provide notice prior to initiating REP/ACA REF AAP

Bills Recommitted:

A2371 AcaAca (2R) Kennedy,J/Pinkin,N Food waste generators, large-required to separate and recycle waste RCM ATU

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A537 Jimenez,A/Munoz,N Radiologist assistants-approve procedures and establish supervisory level FROM ARP

A1390 Moen,W Mail-in ballot procedure-creates fund to reimburse counties for cost FROM ASL

Co-Sponsors Added:

A150 (Rooney,K; DiMaso,S) Safe Haven for Protection of Domestic Companion Animals Act

A152 (Dunn,A) Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act-establishes

A154 (Dunn,A) Veteran owned small business-EDA required to administer and provide loans

A169 (DiMaso,S; Reynolds-Jackson,V; Peters,R; Stanfield,J) Student journalist at public schools-concerns speech rights

A222 (Dunn,A) Military veterans or homeless-hospitals and shelters prov info on svcs/resources

A229 Aca (1R) (Timberlake,B) Telecommunications company-prov prorated refunds, svc outages longer than 24 hrs

A260 (Dunn,A) Vegetation Management Response Act-vegetation mgmt., electric public util. infra

A312 (Timberlake,B) Public utility termination-provide customer certified letter 10 days prior

A452 (Webber,J) DOE-release school districts software program used to calculate State school aid

A492 (Dunn,A) Economic development subsidy-business loan overdue, prohibits awarding

A493 (Dunn,A) Autism Awareness-creates special license plates

A545 (Auth,R) Landlord-crime of renting to illegal occupancy which causes death of a person

A629 (Dunn,A) Children unattended in mv-establish public awareness campaign concerning dangers

A717 (DiMaso,S) Minors-provides for jurisdiction for prosecution of certain crimes against

A723 (Reynolds-Jackson,V; Speight,S; Jimenez,A) Bus. for certification-prohibits disqual. of certain minority and women owned

A745 (Jimenez,A; Speight,S) Transportation network company driver-pretending, fraudulent, criminalizes

A810 (Dunn,A) Student mental health assistance program-establish program to create

A853 (DiMaio,J; Speight,S; Reynolds-Jackson,V; Rooney,K; Peters,R; Burzichelli,J; Auth,R; Mukherji,R; Jimenez,A; Stanfield,J) Temporary businesses- prohibits municipal licensure of children operating

A860 (Pinkin,N; Jimenez,A) Supportive Technology for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Task Force

A1104 Aca (1R) (Reynolds-Jackson,V; Speight,S) Hunger-Free Students’ Bill of Rights Act-school meal info be provided to parents

A1105 (Dunn,A) Student mental health-estab task force, examine pub sch prog/services to address

A1153 Aca (1R) (Catalano,J) E-ZPass-opt to receive electronic notification of use at NJTA/SJTA toll plazas

A1176 Acs (ACS) (Houghtaling,E; Downey,J) Cardiac procedures, full service adult-DOH license certain qualifying hospitals

A1229 (Reynolds-Jackson,V) Homeless prevention programs-DCA make information available on its website

A1255 (Wirths,H; Space,P) Religious services-establish security plan; select 1 person to carry handgun

A1309 (Houghtaling,E) Homestead property tax reimbursement-revises criteria to establish base year

A1443 (DePhillips,C) Suicide prevention training-required for mental health practitioners

A1741 (Conaway,H) Children’s meals-restaurants provide healthy beverages

A1961 (Timberlake,B) Madalyn’s Law-toxic shock syndrome, install age-appropriate signs in ladies room

A2131 Aca (1R) (Catalano,J) Global War on Terrorism Medal-creates

A2258 (Giblin,T) Therapy dog-estab pilot program to use in public elementary school wellness prog

A2317 (Auth,R) PFRS-enhances the death benefit for surviving spouse, elig. after effective date

A2327 (Timberlake,B) Institutional Discrimination in Health Care-establishes Task Force

A2350 (Moen,W) Motor vehicle Surcharge Community Svc. Prog.-community svc. in lieu of surcharge

A2361 (Space,P) Religious services-establish security program for 1 person to carry a handgun

A2415 (Dunn,A) Marriage Penalty Elimination Act-revises rates for joint and similar filers

A2480 (Space,P) Real estate developments-clarify assessment payment & election participation req

A2483 (Mosquera,G) Sch discipline practice incl racial disparities/effectiveness task force-examine

A2632 (Timberlake,B; Conaway,H; McKnight,A) Alzheimer’s disease public awareness campaign-DOH establish

A2677 (Speight,S) Employees affected by a declared state of emergency-proh cert employment actions

A2716 (Speight,S) Marissa’s Law-mand. min. term of imprisonment, leaving scene of accident, death

A2719 (Speight,S) Elderly person, institutionalized-increased fines for abuse or exploitation

A2721 (Speight,S) Developmental disability service system, State-estab. one-stop website to assist

A2767 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Climate change-bd of education incl instruction & adopt instructional materials

A2771 (Speight,S) Professional services, direct support-persons between 18-21 w/disab are eligible

A2774 Aca (1R) (Murphy,C) Executive director of St Agriculture Development Committee-appointed by Governor

A2784 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Env. regulations-auth DEP rulemaking to prevent backsliding, federal law changes

A2809 (Dancer,R) Parole revocation-requires for assaulting or threatening law enforcement officer

A2837 (Caputo,R) Teaching staff member assessment-limit use of student progress, no more than 10%

A2877 (Caputo,R) Property, vacant and abandoned-requires registration with municipalities

A2999 (Caputo,R) Student-athlete injury, lost athletic scholarship-institution prov. equivalent

A3037 (Caputo,R) Bullying, harassment & intimidation-estab pilot program to address climate issue

A3049 (Caputo,R) Prescription drug pricing disclosure requirement, measures and reduce cost-estab

ACR89 (Scharfenberger,G) Volunteer fire fighter/first aid squad member residence-$200 property tax credit

ACR98 (DiMaio,J) Article V Convention-limit certain powers of federal govt. & terms of office

ACR113 (Speight,S) Joint Committee on Economic Justice & Equal Employment Opportunity-reconstitutes

ACR115 (Timberlake,B) SNAP eligibility-condemns Trump Administration’s proposed rule limiting

ACR127 (Speight,S; Jimenez,A) 19th Amendment-commemorate 100th anniversary of passage of women’s right to vote

AJR30 (Reynolds-Jackson,V; Pinkin,N) Domestic Violence & Legal Access Task Force-establishes; study unmet legal needs

AJR91 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month; Melanoma Monday-designates May

AR17 (Reynolds-Jackson,V; Speight,S; Pinkin,N) Violence-declares public health crisis

AR78 (Pinkin,N) 2020 Census Complete Count Committees-urges counties and municipalities create

AR79 (Pinkin,N) Get Out the Count Week-designates March 12 thru 20; encourage full Census count

AR100 (Caputo,R) Prison Gang Violence Task Force-establishes to study security & safety

Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A2488 (Quijano,A) Generic prescription drugs-prohibits excessive increases in prices charged

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A101 (Dunn,A) Loan redemption program-provides tax credits to companies contributing

A109 (Dunn,A) Business accelerators and incubators and startup businesses-provides assistance

A472 (Dunn,A) Toxoplasmosis in newborns-includes in screening program

A1247 (Timberlake,B) Tuition Aid Grant-establish program to provide free tuition to certain students

A1674 (Zwicker,A) Ballots-requires gender neutral elected office titles

A2351 (DePhillips,C) Patients-revises requirements for administration of vaccines

A2604 (Pinkin,N) School building-requires gradual replacement of incandescent light bulbs

A2607 (Verrelli,A) Public works projects-revises definition to permit project labor agreements

A2614 (Benson,D) 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act

A2617 (Benson,D) Injured worker who has reached maximum medical improvement-concerns employment

A2682 (Karabinchak,R) Hospitality franchise agreements-concerning

A2705 (Wirths,H) Fish and Game Council-authorizes temporary members to fill certain vacancies

A2724 (Wirths,H) Small businesses that collect and remit sales tax-establish credit

A2763 (Swain,L) New Voter Empowerment Act-permits cert 17 year olds to vote in primary elections

A2766 (Houghtaling,E) Epinephrine-requires health insurers provide coverage for ages 18 and younger

A2767 (Houghtaling,E) Climate change-bd of education incl instruction & adopt instructional materials

A2769 (Houghtaling,E) Transgender communities-req St Employment & Training Comm. specialize in serving

A2770 (Houghtaling,E) Home health aide services-increases hours provided to individual w/disabilities

A2771 (Houghtaling,E) Professional services, direct support-persons between 18-21 w/disab are eligible

A2772 (Houghtaling,E) Medicaid benefits-concerns recipients remote participation in meetings

A2775 Aca (1R) (Dancer,R) Wineries on preserved farmland-pilot program authorizing special occasion events

A2782 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Landscapes, sustainable-State projects be designed and managed to include

A2783 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Recycled materials-DEP develop guidelines, St & loc government purchase of goods

A2788 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Coastal Commission-creates new; reallocates funds from DEP to commission;$20M

AJR90 (Giblin,T) 529 Opening Paths to Invest in Our Nation’s Students Act-urges to enact

AR98 (Houghtaling,E) Assault weapon ban-urges President and Congress to reauthorize

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A377 Aca (1R) (Downey,J) Cannabis-related businesses-creates certain protections for insurers

A483 (Dunn,A) Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act in NJ

A668 (Dunn,A) Human Trafficking Comm-study human trafficking illicit massage parlor connection

A681 (DeCroce,B) Age discrimination-expands scope of law

A697 (Benson,D) Crime victim’s info.-proh disclosure pertaining to assault on health care worker

A1315 (Timberlake,B) Grab bar installation-required in certain restrooms

A1443 (Rooney,K) Suicide prevention training-required for mental health practitioners

A1535 (Tucker,C) Snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle/dirt bike-revise penalties for illegal operation

A2361 (Wirths,H) Religious services-establish security program for 1 person to carry a handgun

A2614 (Timberlake,B) 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act

A2642 (Timberlake,B) Substance use disorder-hospitals inquire, establish protocols for prov treatment

A2644 (Timberlake,B) Contraception, emergency w/out req. prescription/authorization-Medicaid cover

A2682 (Dancer,R) Hospitality franchise agreements-concerning

A2697 (Wirths,H) Maritime training for veterans and active military-waives boat safety course req

A2721 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Developmental disability service system, State-estab. one-stop website to assist

A2766 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Epinephrine-requires health insurers provide coverage for ages 18 and younger

A2767 (Timberlake,B) Climate change-bd of education incl instruction & adopt instructional materials

A2768 (Dancer,R) Equine-related farm employee housing with horses-establishes Right to Farm

A2769 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Transgender communities-req St Employment & Training Comm. specialize in serving

A2774 Aca (1R) (Mukherji,R) Executive director of St Agriculture Development Committee-appointed by Governor

A2775 Aca (1R) (Murphy,C) Wineries on preserved farmland-pilot program authorizing special occasion events

A2809 (DeAngelo,W) Parole revocation-requires for assaulting or threatening law enforcement officer

A2850 (Caputo,R) Public Water Supply Fluoridation Act-concerns public community water systems

A2863 (Tully,P) Water, drinking-req. public water systems provide notice of elevated lead levels

ACR117 (Murphy,C) Wineries, special events-concerns legislative review, inconsistent w/leg. intent

ACR127 (DiMaso,S) 19th Amendment-commemorate 100th anniversary of passage of women’s right to vote

AJR93 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Better Hearing Month-designates May of each year

AJR94 (Mukherji,R) Frank Sinatra Day-designate December 12 of each year

AR98 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Assault weapon ban-urges President and Congress to reauthorize

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2773 (Dancer,R) Farms, commercial-allows holding 14 special occasion events per year

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2773 (Murphy,C) Farms, commercial-allows holding 14 special occasion events per year

The Assembly Speaker has made the following reappointments: *Effective February 18, 2020 Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards: Maxwell Billek, of Westfield. Joan Quigley, of Jersey City. Drinking Water Quality Institute: Judith Klotz, of Lawrenceville.

The Assembly Republican Leader has made the following appointment: *Effective February 19, 2020 Campus Sexual Assault Commission: Kristen O’Rourke, of Point Pleasant. 


The Assembly adjourned at 5:05 P.M. to meet again on Monday, February 24, 2020 (SESSION).


Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (2/13/2020):


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