Highland Park Remembers Councilwoman Welkovits


The friends and family of Susan Welkovits on Monday laid to rest the beloved and tenacious local councilwoman, the daughter of Holocaust survivors who learned early in life to fight and never stopped fighting for her family and for her hometown of Highland Park.

At a memorial service at Congregation Ohav Emeth, Mayor Gayle Brill Mitler recalled Ms. Welkovits leading the fight to stop a charter school from opening in town, and demonstrating then the strength in her commitments that was her hallmark. “As soon as there was an opening on the council [in 2011], I asked her if she would throw her name in for it,” Mitler told InsiderNJ. “I’m so grateful for everything she did. She was very dedicated to pedestrian access throughout Highland Park and was responsible for our safe walking and cycling committee.”

The Councilwoman was reelected three times in 2012, 2015 and 2018, according to The Highland Park Planet.

Since moving back to Highland Park from New York City, Ms. Welkovits didn’t drive a car, and was a familiar presence walking everywhere in town. When they had to attend a function outside of Highland Park, the councilwoman often accompanied the mayor. “We spent an immeasurable time together driving to different government events,” said Mayor Mitler. “Besides all the wonderful things she accomplished for Highland Park she was so proud of her kids.”

Her 11-year old twins excelled, respectively, at art and soccer.

The community now is actively awaiting a final cause of death. Buried in New Brunswick, the councilwoman’s family, including her husband Randy Brown and their children and friends celebrated her life at her graveside. A long caravan of cars led by the Police Department made the journey to the neighboring town from Highland Park.

A GoFundMe page has been established for the twins and her family as it experiences this time of grief and crisis, with a fundraising goal of $25,000.
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