Holley Receives Powerful Endorsement From All Former Mayors In Roselle

Today, former NJ Assemblyman and Mayor of Roselle, Jamel Holley received the full endorsement of all living former Mayors of Roselle.

“I have known Jamel since his days as a student going back to Grace Wilday Middle School and he always had a passion for helping the community.” says, Mayor Joseph Picaro.  “There is no doubt he is the best choice to lead Roselle at this very critical moment.  His experience as a Legislator guarantees Roselle is in better hands to receive State of NJ resources that will ultimately keep taxes from increasing and provide a strong level of relief to the residents of Roselle. Holley has a strong ability to unite members of the community and provide leadership that Roselle certainly can be proud of. As a former Mayor, I respect the commitment and devotion Holley has but most importantly he has the proven experience, knowledge, and passion to lead all Roselle residents to a bolder and brighter future.”

Former Mayor Garrett Smith says, “Since my time in office, I’ve watched and admired the work Jamel has done for the benefit of all Roselle residents. As a Mayor, Jamel encouraged and developed businesses, revamped services such as the Department of Public Works, recreation and beautified our borough with several park renovations.  As a member of the NJ General Assembly, he brought back home over $150million for our schools, infrastructure, fields, new memorial public library renovations and so much more.  His proven track record leaves no doubt that he is the absolute best person to revitalize and lead Roselle to prominence.”

Former Mayor Christine Dansereau fully endorses Jamel Holley for Mayor of Roselle again. “I have worked closely with Jamel and recognize his ability to work tirelessly for the citizens of Roselle. He has secured funding from the state and federal governments and has brought business and opportunity to Roselle. He has a proven track record and will continue to build community going forward. He has my full support.”

Holley says, “It is a complete honor to receive these endorsements. You see Roselle is at a very critical moment and our future is at stake. It truly matters how we grow and rise to the level of prosperity our families and children deserve.  This election is so important and I am committed to leading Roselle to its full potential.  My tax plan for property taxpayers and renters will provide the relief that Roselle residents need right now. Our educational system needs attention in order to ensure the success of our children.  Municipal services need an overhaul and our town needs to be revitalized. I envision a much brighter future than what I think this current administration can understand. Together with the support of our residents, I believe we can achieve that bright future. The knowledge and experience of these Mayors has helped us over the years. And now, it certainly helps us all to unite on one accord for Roselle to reach that potential I know awaits us.”




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One response to “Holley Receives Powerful Endorsement From All Former Mayors In Roselle”

  1. As the former Mayor of Roselle and the Democratic Chairman my number 1 priority is to make sure, we support and endorse people that will make a long-term impact for our community. Investing and supporting the right people with the right motives is the right thing to do.

    This election is all about bringing the Borough together and keep it moving forward. No more looking back, no more old divisive politics, the team is delivering tangible results and doing this on all levels of government.

    The cooperative spirit among Mayor and Council is a welcoming force and the town’s progress is better! Under Donald Shaw our taxes did not increase unlike the others.

    I’m proud to support and get out the vote for Mayor Donald Shaw and the COLUMN “A” team!

    I believe they are true champions for Roselle. I urge all democrats to join us and support them on or before Election Day. VOTE COLUMN “A” all the way!!!! #roselle please share!

    Link: https://www.insidernj.com/atkins-running-cryan-quijano/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=email_this&utm_source=email

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