In Newark Snowstorm, Menendez and Cardinal Tobin Back Up Undocumented Grandfather Guerrero

NEWARK – Walking in a spitting snowstorm, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, Archbishop of Newark Joseph Cardinal Tobin, local clergy and justice advocates walked to the doors of the Pete Rodino Federal Building in collective opposition to President J. Donald Trump’s executive order and in support of grandfather Catalino Guerrero.

“I hope President Trump is watching, because Catalino Guerrero is not a bad hombre,” said Menendez at the side of the humble man who faced the cameras. “He is a good and decent man, and my God, if he can be deported, then we truly are on the verge of mass deportations. …He is someone who has lived here for a quarter of a century.”

Organizer and advocate Archange Antoine.

An undocumented home owner and taxpayer from Union City, Mexican native Guererro received a federal order to report this morning to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in Newark.

He has four children and four grandchildren who are U.S. citizens.

“I was talking to Catalino and his wife, and all they want is for him to be with his grandchildren, but today he is living a nightmare ,” said the U.S. Senator, who’s also from Union City, who has his own federal case hanging over him, albeit of a different kind.

Today, Menendez appeared focused on the case of his constituent.

“We call upon ICE to accept the stay of deportation that his lawyers are presenting today,” he said. “We need to be a nation that doesn’t treat this grandfather like gang bangers.”

Tobin also spoke to the media in a makeshift tent just before he and Menendez walked up the ramp with Guerrero to the doors of the federal building where the undocumented grandfather would attend his scheduled hearing.

“You see what Catalino looks like and you’ve heard how he lives,” said the cardinal. “We are asking that the officials who are to determine his fate will not only see his face, but see ours as well.”

Guerrero, 60, walked with a cane.

He didn’t say anything to the media and appeared calm as he walked in the snow past the sign on the front of the building affixed with the words “Donald J. Trump: President of the United States.”

The senator and cardinal took him to the door of the federal building.

Then they stopped.

Guerrero walked into the building alone.

For more on this case, please go here.

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