In School Message-Dominant Election Cycle, Art Imitates Strife

The Republicans’ zeal to make the November election about “parents’ rights” in education seems to have no end.

Republicans in Sussex County,  who really don’t need all that much help to win elections, are going the artistic route.

They are disseminating a cartoon condemning Phil Murphy’s “Sex Ed Mandates.”

It may not have the enduring legacy of Thomas Nast’s depiction of “Boss Tweed,” but it makes the point.

The drawing shows the governor yanking a screaming boy from his horrified parents. Waiting for the boy on the other side of Murphy are three alien-looking beings who – presumably – plan to transform the boy into a girl. One is holding a dress.

Sussex Republicans have big plans for this creation, saying it will appear as advertisements in more than 50 locations through the election.

It is hazardous to analyze cartoons factually, but this one is a bit “out there.”

To state the obvious, no state policy compels any child to alter his or her gender.

But the apparent idea here is to grab attention. It also shows – again – what Republicans want this year’s prime campaign issue to be.


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12 responses to “In School Message-Dominant Election Cycle, Art Imitates Strife”

    The Sussex County Informer

    Well, it figures.
    A scumbag bigot appears on a scumbag network.

    Fox News, who apparently will turn over every rock in the mud to promote their anti-LGBTQ agenda, actually hosted a segment with Sussex County Republican Committee chairman Joe (Farming Fraud) Labarbera.

    Frankly, I doubt the imbeciles at Rupert Murdoch’s insane asylum have ever heard of Sussex County, much less Labarbera, so I have to believe he approached them to promote his idiocy of creating a cartoon purportedly showing Governor Phil Murphy forcibly removing children from their parents.

    Of course, just like everything Blue Falcon says, that’s a total lie. No one is taking children away from their parents. Labarbera knows this, but he thinks people are as stupid as he is and will believe anything.

    He claims the “vast majority” of parents agree with him, but, as is typical of Republicans, he provides no proof of his claim. And the brainless blonde from “Fox & Friends” was fawning over Labarbera as he spewed his garbage.

    Then he actually claimed that Murphy’s–actually the state Board of Education’s–policies were “against the Constitution”. And once again, this lowlife hack couldn’t cite one clause in the Constitution, either federal or state, that the policy against parental notification of gender identity issues violates. That’s because it doesn’t. But then again, I doubt Blue Falcon has ever READ the Constitution. Ironic, because as a former military man, he took an oath to uphold the same document he and his fellow Republicans now regard as toilet paper.

    And finally, Idiot Joe was asked what he does to “shelter” his own children from the non-existent horrors of the LGBTQ students in school, and he casually replied “private school”. Well, that’s his right, just as all of the Christian Nationalists seem to do these days. So it begs the question “Why does he keep showing up at Sparta BOE meetings when 1) he has no children in the Sparta school system and 2) he has no connection to public education whatsoever?”

    He also says that his cartoon (see the story and image below) is going appear in about 50 locations throughout northwest New Jersey. Well, the Informer will try to find out those locations and, if sponsored by businesses, name them so they can be boycotted.

    Labarbera represents Sussex County Republicans. That means all Sussex County Republicans are responsible for this disgusting, vile bigoted clown who nerds to be put in check. But I doubt any GOP nembers in Sussex have the guts to do so.

  2. Michael Schnackenberg- Phil Murphy send his children to the most elite private school in the country, and I would love to hear how the NJ Teachers Union supports a man that doesn’t believe in Public school for his elite children.
    As for as the Constitution
    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1.
    This is the reason people hate Democrats. They claim to work for the people and the working class but Harvard grads like Phil Murphy choose to fight battles that he will lose like Gender Policy. But then again why would a millionaire care about cost of living, public education or anything that touches average citizens lives? He is only concerned about social climbing and continuing to pad his resume.

  3. John Smith, didn’t Felony Donnie send Barron to a private school? As did the children of every president in recent memory, as well as Chris Christie’s children? (I looked it up, they did). That decision is usually based on security matters rather than a dislike of public education. So it’s a poor analogy on your part.

  4. I wonder why Michael Schnackenberg is so supportive of the Trans agenda. He says he’s the Sussex County Informer–of what I don’t know about, since Schnackenberg is a raving lunatic Leftist-Democrat. His better title would be Sussex County Fraud.

    Based on his rantings above, doesn’t it sound like he supports putting boys in girls clothes and transforming them into girls because he likes little boys??? One wonders after reading his insane rantings.

    Schackenberg better read the lawsuit the NJ AG filed against the 3 school districts opposing parents concerns of not being told that their children are having issues and saying the state has control over our children. This is a recipe for disaster for Democrats if they want to keep pursuing this sexual perversion, and what can only be described as child sexual abuse.

  5. Mr. Schnackenberg, name calling and insults serve no purpose and only lessens your opinion and standing.

    As for schools, they should be institutions of learning. For younger children it should be reading, writing, math, science, computer science. As one gets older history, economics, home economics, civics, etc.

    As for sexual orientation, parents, and only parents, are the ones to teach their children. Frankly, looking in a mirror naked will provide all the answers. If one has a vigina it’s a girl. If one has a penis it’s a boy. That is it.

    Any changes can be made by the individual at an adult age, although why anyone would is incomprehensible.

    Minors need not be encouraged to change their sex. Schools need not get involved in this.

    Feel free to continue your name calling and insults. It is entertaining and laughable, albeit illogical.

  6. NoMoreMarxistsInDC, I’m against bigotry of all types–race, sexual preference, you name it. And your comments would get you a trip to Fat Lip City if you had the balls to reveal your identity. But then again, you have no balls, probably because your boyfriend is holding them. So go fuck yourself–it will be the best sex you ever have!

  7. Peter Z, I don’t come with a filter. If you’re an asshole, I will call you an asshole. If you’re a bigoted POS, I’ll use those words. You and I are not friends, and I don’t give flying fk what you think.

  8. Not surprised at the response. I am surprised that InsiderNJ allows you to threaten folks like no more Marxists. It’s a shame that InsiderNJ finds this acceptable.

  9. Peter Z, triggered much? NoMoreMarxists is a gutless coward who won’t identify himself. Threaten him? Have you read what he’s called me? I’ve been restrained in my replies. I guarantee that you’d deck him if he said the same things to you.

  10. When, and why has it become wrong to allow our children to enjoy fleeting years of innocence? Why do they suddenly need to be bombarded by this transgender crap? Children are easily misguided, which leads to self doubt. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. The education system is over stepping thier bounds. Our children go to school to learn math, english, social studies and history. I hope that down the line, that public schools will be eradicated. Not all of us can afford private school being that the present administration is ripping every dollar out of our pockets. God made us who we are. I know the trans people like to think that thier sex was assigned by a doctor. Not at birth, you misguided freaks. You can have the doctor do that to you later. Have fun being mutilated.

  11. Michael Schnackenberg threatens me with “Fat Lip City”. BWHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! The guy is so fat he needs to ride around on a food store cart to get around because he can’t walk.

    Hey, Schnackertallywackerberg, if you want to meet me mano-a-mano, I’d be more than happy to accommodate. As a college hockey player, boxer, student of krav maga, weight-lifter and Russian Kettlebell student, let’s “tango!!!!”.

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