Insider NJ’s Ultimate Interactive Guide To The Budget And Horizon Votes

Welcome to Insider NJ’s ultimate guide to the legislators’ votes on the budget and Horizon.  Take a look through the below spreadsheet that we’ve compiled for those Insider NJ readers who really want to drill down into the mechanics of the budget and Horizon votes.

We’ve included several tabs delineating the votes and patterns:

  1. Assembly by itself alphabetically;
  2. Assembly by itself by LD;
  3. Assembly by itself by budget vote (vote changes initial Thursday/Friday to final tally Tuesday);
  4. Senate by itself alphabetically;
  5. Senate by itself by LD;
  6. Senate by itself by Horizon vote (vote changes from S4 to S2);
  7. Assembly and Senate budget and Horizon votes by legislative district;  
  8. Assembly and Senate both by party affiliation;
  9. Assembly and Senate by county;
  10. Assembly and Senate by county and party;
  11. Assembly and Senate by county, party, and district.  

For the county breakdowns, we used all counties represented by a legislative district – even if it’s just one town – to give a full picture of the votes by that county’s delegation.  So some legislators you’ll see entries only once (such as the LD37 team, representing Bergen) and some you’ll see multiple times (such as the LD40 team, which has portions of Bergen, Essex, Morris, and Passaic).  We’re confident you already know which districts and legislative delegations are the principal representatives of each county, anyway.

We’ve color-coded the entries and included the legislators’ parties, districts, counties, and, of course, their votes.  For the votes, obviously enough, red is no, green is yes, abstain is burnt orange, and not voting is grey (along with one or two others).  For parties, Democrat is blue and Republican is red, because….well, what other colors would they be. 

A few notes:

  1. For the Assembly, even though the board list remained open throughout, we’ve included two entries. The first for the initial roll call on 6/29 and 6/30.  Members who changed their vote between that Thursday and Friday will have that notation in their entry.  The second is for the July 4th budget vote – the final roll call.  And finally, the third is for the Horizon vote on July 4th, the only day the Assembly took up that vote.  
  2. For the Senate, the first entry is the vote on the original Horizon bill S4 on June 30th.  The second entry is S2 – the compromise bill – take up on July 4th. And finally, the third is the budget bill, also taken up on July 4th – the only day the Senate took up that vote.
  3. We used the vote tallies from the legislature’s website for all the votes except for the initial budget vote in Assembly on 6/20-6/30; since the board list never closed those votes were frozen but not official until the board list closed on July 4th.       



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  1. You should add an asterisk or column to designate the Coughlin backers. A lot of overlap among Coughlin backers and abstainers, but it’s not total.

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