Insider NJ’s 2021 Advance Publication (PDF)

Insider NJ's 2021 Advance

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Republicans used to be those bankably bow-tied guys who could absorb a pink belly, and then  earnestly glaze-over the eyeballs of their guilt-tripped tormentors with lectures about Nixon and  Reagan. Now they wear minotaur headdresses and storm the U.S. Capitol. That’s an overload of nerdly karma gone miserably haywire, but such are the trippy times in which we live.

Every year we put together a run-down on what to expect in the months ahead in New Jersey politics,  and we usually manage to get it out a little earlier than February, but the ongoing issuance of real-time – sometimes nutjob – news made the future seem farther away than usual and the present  all the more urgent.

Amid all the crazy political sparks, including the most unorthodox – and certainly most obnoxious –
transition of power by a departing executive in U.S. presidential history – we finally found that
little crosscurrent between now and then to comment on our coming current events.

Herein find assessments of the main collisions at hand, minus some of the local ones
that will no doubt provide their own special parochial flavor.


Download Insider NJ’s 2021 Advance publication or view it below:


Insider NJ's 2021 Advance Publication
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