Insider NJ’s 2024 Insider 100: Legal List Publication (PDF)


Herein find InsiderNJ’s compilation of the state’s top attorneys, whose worlds include New Jersey’s political universe. These are not only some of the people who keep clients out of jail, but those who put them there. In addition, many of these practitioners of the legal trade handle the thorny issues arising within the Garden State’s campaigns and elections. Others advise planning boards, councils, committees, or commissions, whisper in the ears of executive power, offer counsel to lawmakers in Trenton, or provide exacting legal expertise from an elected position.

Some of the names that follow are great rhetoricians with considerable courtroom presence and charisma, masters of wordplay and logic, who specialize in getting others to publicly trip into their traps. Others are researchers who operate behind the scenes and with one pounced-on word can change the state’s direction.    

Part of InsiderNJ’s 2024 Power Package, the list presents a cross-section of attorneys, and obviously can’t include everyone. Hopefully, it hits the main aforementioned representative points, governed in part by the players’ visibility and impact, finally more substantive than theatrical.

Download Insider NJ’s 2024 Insider 100: Legal List or view it below:

Insider NJ's 2024 Insider 100: Legal
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