INSIDERNJ POLL: Who Won the ABC News/Univision Presidential Debate?


Who Won the Democratic Presidential Debate?

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  • domahman

    I support Yang. If America doesn’t vote him in, we are all doomed. I predict futures 🙂

  • Jason Gaylor

    Like Yang but Bernie still remains the best candidate overall and the most electable.

    • TheGandhiGuy

      Bernie is great, and totally electable. But the prediction markets see Yang as MORE electable, and so do I.

    • fr0wn town

      Yang beats Trump in every poll because he appeals to the problems Trump yells about, but does nothing to fix. People are struggling so they want solutions. 10% of Trump voters are drawn to Yang instead, it’s just Math.

    • Jon

      Nope. Yang is way better in every way. He also is beating Trump by a much larger margin than bernie. Warren is losing to Trump.

      • niknar

        That remains to be seen. Yang does well in the few polls I’ve seen, especially lately, & the fact that he’s still relatively unknown, & most of the best pollers are well-known, that portends well for a Yang candidacy. However, Sanders has done very well in polls against Trump, & Warren usually beats Trump as well, & is generally improving. She also has the greatest favorability among Democrats. We’d do very well with any of these 3.

  • sockii

    Yang was given the least amount of time to speak, yet when given the chance to he landed his answers. He also showed class by not stealing time or talking over other candidates — unlike others up there.

  • fr0wn town

    Yang is the clear winner, didn’t break the rules, answered honestly, shared things that others shy away from, like campaign corruption He’s the only option for a real future.

  • John A. Leopard

    I support Pete Buttigieg. He is the best candidate.

    • Jon

      Pete is awful. He’s the worst version of a corporate bought empty suit. He scoffed at Andrew Yang promoting his freedom dividend by giving 1,000 dollars a month to 10 Americans, but Pete spends millions on ads and flying on private jets. Pete is an awful candidate and even more awful person.

    • Roger Green

      I think Mayor Pete is an honest man and would make a good president, but I support Andrew Yang based on many of his polices. Both men are good people, but Pete Buttigieg has been very vague on specific polices which is opposite Andrew Yang.
      But I respect your preference. Buttigieg is also an honorable, intelligent and Patriotic American.

      • niknar

        I’d love to see more comments of this nature.

  • Jon

    Andrew Yang wins every debate simply because he is for the people. All the other candidates are corporate bought tools.

  • Kyle R Johnson

    The party chose Yang. The rest are only there to create a show and herd the sheeple to Yang who is the alarm bell to WAKE UP. 😀

    • niknar

      I see…. Do you speak to us from your time warp 1 year from now?

  • niknar

    In my opinion it was:

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