InsiderNJ Radio: ‘Our Society has Lost the Ability to be Civil’

This week’s installment of InsiderNJ Radio features a discussion of suicide prevention in recognition of suicide prevention month.

WMTR AM Host Jessie Frees and InsiderNJ Editor Max Pizarro welcome Dr. Arnold Williams, head psychologist and medical director of RWJ’s behavioral health center in Toms River.

In a culture of depression and anxiety, how can parents recognize keys signs of suicidal depression in their children?

“Doom scrolling, going down the rabbit hole of negative after negative, imitating negative serious topics only way to sound like an adult,” says Williams. “Is this something put on for a few minutes or taking up the entire day? How often do you see the other side of it?”

Listen to the whole interview below.

In addition, Jessie Frees talks to distinguished author and Swift Boat veteran of the Vietnam War, Dr. Harlan Ullman.

Dr. Ullman tackles a broad array of subjects, including the unfolding 2024 presidential election and the multiply indicted former President Donald J. Trump.

“Thirty-percent of the Republican are high over MAGA Republicans, and as time goes on his support going to be waning,” Ullman says. “It will be impossible for the Republicans to run a convicted felon for president, and if they do, this will be the end of the MAGA Republicans and, I’m afraid, it will make the Republicans a laughingstock.”

The Democrats aren’t much better, Ullman argues.

“Our society has lost the ability to be civil,” he says.

Ullman graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1963. He holds MA, MALD, and Ph.D. from The Fletcher School at Tufts University.

He currently chairs the Killowen Group and CNIGuard PLC, in the infrastructure protection sector; is Senior Advisor at the Atlantic Council; Arnaud de Borchgrave Distinguished UPI Columnist[4] and also served as a Presidential Fellow at Polytechnic University of New York.

His books include The Fifth Horseman and the New MAD, Anatomy of Failure, Why America Loses Every War it Starts, and a Handful of Bullets.

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