Jane Fonda Leaps into New Jersey’s LD-25

Jane Fonda – yes, Jane Fonda – is getting involved in the state Senate race in LD-25.

The acclaimed, but politically controversial, actress is endorsing Democrat Christine Clarke through her Climate PAC. Here’s what she said in a release:

“My team at the Jane Fonda Climate PAC and I are so excited to be supporting Christine Clarke for State Senate in New Jersey. I know she has what it takes to be a leader in the State Senate on climate, and boy, do we need more climate leaders at the state level like Christine.”

That’s not all.

Fonda is scheduled to host a virtual rally for Clarke on Thursday evening.

Clarke is challenging incumbent and Senate Minority Leader Anthony M. Bucco in a district that covers northern and eastern Morris County and West Milford in Passaic.

The district has long been solid GOP-terrain, but Clarke is trying to score what would be a major upset.

Much of Clarke’s campaign attacks so far have stressed her support for women’s rights in contrast to Bucco’s pro-life position.

Now, she’s emphasizing her backing of strong environmental legislation to combat climate change.

Fonda formed her PAC a few years ago for the following reason:

“We urgently need people-powered political organizations that can serve as a direct counter force to the fossil fuel industry and its massive political influence so that we can rid our government of representatives who fail to take a stand on climate action at the scale and ambition that climate science demands.” That’s from a 2022 online interview with Fonda.

More specifically, Fonda said of Clarke:

“Christine understands that investing in a clean energy future and holding corporate polluters accountable is not only key to combating the climate crisis, but is a major driver of long-term economic growth and prosperity for years to come.”

Dealing with climate change, of course, is controversial in itself, but it probably pales in comparison to the passions stirred up years ago by Fonda’s opposition to the Vietnam War.

By any objective analysis, an endorsement by Fonda carries some risk, especially in Morris County, which while more politically competitive of late, will never be confused with Greenwich Village.

Sure, many, many politicians and average Americans came to oppose U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. Fonda, however, earned everlasting enmity in some circles for visiting North Vietnam and being photographed sitting on an anti-aircraft gun, thereby being dubbed “Hanoi Jane.”

She has subsequently apologized for her actions, but the damage was done.

How all this translates to a legislative district in New Jersey remains to be seen. Fonda’s involvement, it would seem, will bring attention to the race, which is something all challengers can use.

Supporters of Clarke can rationalize that those who still despise Fonda are probably unlikely to vote Democratic anyway.

It’s also worth wondering if younger voters have feelings about Fonda at all. After all, the height of the Vietnam War era was more than 50 years ago.

Historical knowledge is not universal these days. Some may not know the difference between My Lai and a mai tai.

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6 responses to “Jane Fonda Leaps into New Jersey’s LD-25”

  1. Really? Hanoi Jane Fonda making a political comeback.

    Given her mutual love affair with North Vietnam years ago, perhaps she can pursuade the Chinese government to limit use of coal and fossil fuel.

    I’m sure Ring Ding Ping would do whatever she asks. After all, she hates America as much as Ping does. They have much in common.

  2. The Republican Party with their support of Putin and opposition of aid to Israel and Ukraine, and their holding up confirmation of military commanders, has ceded all claims to being the Party of the veterans and the military. They are quite the opposite.

  3. Oh no – Hanoi Jane is back to distort the so called environmental crisis, just the way she distorted nuclear power industry in the China Syndrome. She and her dopey followers want to make energy policy in the US based on a 44 year old movie that exploited irrational fears. Is that what Clarke stands for — fear mongering?

  4. Thom Ammirato, that may be the most retarded response I ever saw. She didn’t write, produce or direct The China Syndrome. She acted in it–and got an Oscar nomination for her performance. Do you believe James Caviezel is Jesus Christ? Was Marlon Brando actually a Mafia Don? You’re an idiot.

  5. If Bucco wasn’t poised to win this election with 60%+ of the vote and the Republicans actually bothered to campaign, they would have a field day with this .

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