In Jersey City, Matsikoudis Campaign Releases Second TV Ad of the Season

The Matsikoudis campaign released its second television commercial today focused on making living in Jersey City more affordable.

The challenger to Mayor Steven Fulop noted that over the past four years, Jersey City has become one of the most expensive places in America to live and many people are being forced to leave the city that they love.

The new commercial highlights the Matsikoudis campaign’s plan to make Jersey City more affordable by; 1) Requiring developers to create more affordable housing for the poor and middle class; 2) By creating an Office of Affordable Housing to connect residents with housing they can afford; 3) Extending rent stabilization to thousands of residents and; 4) Auditing every city department for waste and using those funds to cut property taxes.

Click here to access the Matsikoudis campaign’s detailed plan for affordable housing.

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