Jones Does an Endzone Dance on the GOP

In response to the historic vote to remove Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker and the ensuing chaos within the Republican Party to fill his seat, NJDSC Chairman LeRoy J. Jones Jr. released the following statement:

“While Democrats are ready to work across the aisle and pass bipartisan legislation to move our country forward, the Republican Party is caught in a civil war that has now ground Congress to a halt. This latest chaos in Washington shows us that the Republican Party has lost the ability to act in the country’s best interests. We cannot allow this extremism to take hold in our state and negatively impact New Jersey families. We must support Democratic candidates for the State Senate and General Assembly who are reasonable, measured and focused on investing in the future of New Jersey families, not on grandstanding and extremism.”

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3 responses to “Jones Does an Endzone Dance on the GOP”

  1. The chaos in our nation today has been brought about by the failed Biden/Harris administration and their leftist cohorts in the Senate and Congress!

  2. The Democrats don’t ever compromise. Their idea of bipartisanship is republicans capitulating to their demands while giving the GOP nothing. Jones is a liar.

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