Judge Salas to Keynote Stockton Forum

Judge Esther Salas
A federal judge whose son was killed in a targeted attack at her New Jersey home will be the keynote speaker at an online forum about judicial safety at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12.

The virtual event will also feature a panel of nationally recognized security experts. “A Threat to Judges – and Judicial Independence” is sponsored by the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University and the New Jersey Hispanic Bar Association.

The free two-hour forum may be viewed on the Hughes Center’s website, stockton.edu/hughescenter, where a recording will be archived. The public may also register here to view the event as a Zoom webinar. Continuing legal education (CLE) credits are available to attending New Jersey lawyers, but they must register for the Zoom webinar to qualify.

In July 2020, an assailant armed with a gun went to the home of Esther Salas, a U.S. District Court judge in New Jersey, and seriously injured her husband, Mark Anderl, and killed their son, Daniel, 20. State and federal laws named after Daniel have since been passed prohibiting the publication of addresses and personal information of judges.

Albertina Webb, N.J. Hispanic Bar president and a partner at Hill Wallack LLP, will introduce Judge Salas’ keynote address. Retired Judge Julio Mendez, a senior contributing analyst for the Hughes Center, will moderate a panel discussion of various aspects of judicial safety following the keynote.

Panelists include:

  • Robin Morante, chief of Court and Judicial Security, New Jersey, with Robert P. Arter, Esq., Advisory Committee on Extrajudicial Activities
  • Nathan W. Hall, National Center for State Courts; and principal consultant of Court Consulting Services
  • John Muffler, MS, CTM, principal, Aequitas Global Security, LLC; formerly U.S. Marshals Service National Center for Judicial Security
  • John Christopher Palmer, Court Security director, Utah State Courts, formerly head of travel security for Obama White House.


About the Hughes Center

The William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy (www.stockton.edu/hughescenter) at Stockton University serves as a catalyst for research, analysis and innovative policy solutions on the economic, social and cultural issues facing New Jersey, and promotes the civic life of New Jersey through engagement, education and research. The center is named for the late William J. Hughes, whose distinguished career includes service in the U.S. House of Representatives, Ambassador to Panama and as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Stockton. The Hughes Center can be found on YouTube, and can be followed on Facebook @StocktonHughesCenter, Twitter @hughescenter.

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One response to “Judge Salas to Keynote Stockton Forum”

  1. An yes, JUDICIAL SAFETY!?!?!?!?!? Why is it politicians and political appointees obtain safety at taxpayers’ expense, while the taxpayers are disarmed with totally failed gun control laws and then shot dead or maimed in the streets by thugs and criminals that the county prosecutors let out of jail or give them no bail and release them????? Can’t understand the dichotomy of this.

    Let’s remember that “reasonable” and “common sense” gun control led to total confiscation in the former dictatorships of the Soviet Union (Russia), Nazi Germany, Red China (continues), North Korea, Cambodia (Pol Pot and Communist Khmer Rouge), etc. led to the murders of over 200 MILLION innocent people by their own governments. Why? Because they were disarmed and couldn’t shoot back.

    Even Australians, British and New Zealanders, who recently had total gun confiscation in their countries, told Americans DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!!! We saw what happened in those countries in the COVID lockdowns. Demonstrators were un-armed and assaulted, shot, gassed, tasered and arrested by the police in those countries.

    Gun control is a total failure in New Jersey and any other state that has these laws. There are more than 20,000 gun control laws in the 50 states and the United States. They don’t stop criminals who get unlicensed, unregistered guns from foreign countries or from other criminals or crimes.

    It’s time to rescind all NJ gun control laws and allow concealed carry. The gun control nuts will scream that it will turn us into the “Wild West”. What the real number statistics show (and not gun murder rates which is a fraud), is that states with concealed carry show a marked decline in gun murders. You still have the purported mass shootings (of 3 or more) in those states and other states, but the shootings are only happening in Democrat legislated “Gun Free Zones”, where the victims are unarmed and can’t shoot back.

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