June 12th Trenton Runoff Election Pits Perez Against Gusciora

Dogfight time in Trenton.

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-15) was trying to subdue ex-Pentagon security personnel Paul Perez in the mayoral runoff on Tuesday.

Perez was bucking to block Gusciora.

“We have an army out there,” Gusciora told InsiderNJ as he worked in headquarters amid avid phone bankers in the background.

The assemblyman trying to succeed retiring Mayor Eric Jackson closed the month-plus cycle hammering his opponent with a single kitchen table question: What is Perez’s plan for Trenton Water Works, the capital city’s sole water authority?

“The voters have a right to know what their next mayor is doing with their water. If Mr. Perez is going to auction off Trenton Water Works, I want to know, and the people deserve to know,” Gusciora said in a statement over the weekend, and he doubled down on Election Day.

“He’s had numerous flip flops, including one on the state building plan; he was against it and then for it, and I think he raised too many eyebrows with the endorsement by Eric Jackson and Darren ‘Freedom’ Green.

“I’m coming with no ties to anyone, to run an honest government” Gusciora added.

Perez slapped back at his rival – and expressed confidence.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” he said. “Look, we’ve done the work, and he’s out there trying to create issues late. We’ve done the work, and we expect a victory today.”

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