Just a Couple of Jersey Guys

Two Jersey Guys.  Two Fascists.  Charles Lindbergh from East Amwell.  Donald Trump from Bedminster.

Trump and Lindbergh can each be characterized by the three “I” words: Isolationism, Intolerance, and Intimidation.


Charles Lindbergh was enamored of Adolph Hitler.

Hermann Goering presented Lindbergh on behalf of Hitler with a Nazi medal, the Service Cross of the German Eagle, which he proudly accepted.

Donald Trump is totally besotted with the murderous Russian autocrat, Vladimir Putin.

Charles Lindbergh, the isolationist, opposed American aid to the people of Great Britain, fighting for survival against the genocidal Nazis.  If elected in 2024, Donald Trump, the isolationist, will abandon the people of Ukraine to the tender mercies of the murderous thugs of Putin’s elite death squads.


Charles Lindbergh was an unrestrained virulent antisemite.  Donald Trump is a hater and bigot against African-Americans.


Charles Lindbergh’s American grassroots supporters were the bullies of the American Nazi Bund, who physically intimidated Jews and other courageous opponents of the Nazis in American cities.  Donald Trump is attempting to intimidate an African-American jurist, two prosecutors, and potential witnesses against him in the DC January 6 case.

Fortunately, Jersey Guy Charles Lindbergh was never elected president.  The Phillip Roth historical novel and HBO series, The Plot to Kidnap America, was a fictionalized, yet accurate portrayal of the fate of America, particularly American Jewry, if Lindbergh had won the White House.

If Donald Trump is elected president, he will set about defunding and dismantling the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the EPA.  The voting rights of African-Americans will be imperiled to an extent not witnessed since the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

God help America.  God bless Jack Smith and Fani Willis.

Alan J. Steinberg served as regional administrator of Region 2 EPA during the administration of former President George W. Bush and as executive director of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission



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2 responses to “Just a Couple of Jersey Guys”

  1. I think the use of the term “besotted” is interesting, because within the Trump/Putin income strata “love” is not the conventional, Human™ love; rather, a hard financial symbiosis which facilitates all other manners of interaction.

    Who, Trump’s supporters inclusive, really believes he is capable of love in the way that we feel it?

  2. God Bless you, Mr. Steinberg. God Bless John McCain. God Bless Mitt Romney. God Bless Lynn Cheney, God Bless Cassidy Hutchinson. God Bless William Barr. God Bless John Bolton. God Bless Mike Pence. God Bless Christine Todd Whitman. God Bless Chris Christie. God Bless Georgia’s Secretary of State. God Bless All Republicans who are putting COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY and standing Up against the Lies and Criminal Acts of Donald Trump. Thank God for the Majority of Conservatives on the Supreme Court who stood for Justice in denying Trump’s pathetic and dangerous petitions to the High Court to overturn a LEGITIMATE ELECTION.

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