Just The Facts New Jersey Launches Independent Only Expenditure Committee Formed to Combat Democrat Special Interest Money

Paperwork will be filed with the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) this week forming Just The Facts New Jersey, Inc. (JTFNJ), an independent expenditure only committee.

The JTFNJ website says the committee is being formed to ‘help maintain and expand the Republican Assembly membership in Trenton. Governor Phil Murphy and Trenton Democrats have proposed BILLIONS in new taxes and spending. And their big-money special interests will stop at nothing to keep expanding their power and taking your hard earned money. Enough is enough – It’s time that someone fight back against out-of-control spending and higher taxes, which are driving New Jerseyans from their homes and our state.’

Executive Director Pete Sheridan said ‘for too long liberal special interests have poured millions into legislative elections unchecked and unmatched. No more. JTFNJ will engage to defend and increase the Republican caucus in Trenton and to expose the extreme policies of Trenton Democrats during the Murphy midterms’.

The committee’s leadership includes:

John Lutz, Esq., Chairman
Brittany Brinkman, Treasurer
Pete Sheridan, Executive Director

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