Katie Brennan Responds to Alvarez’s Testimony: ‘Abhorrent’

TRENTON (March 12, 2019)–Following is a statement from Katie Brennan in response to Al Alvarez’s testimony before the Senate Select Oversight Committee in Trenton on Tuesday:

“Mr. Alvarez has claimed in his testimony and in the PR campaign leading up to it that my rape was consensual. Mr. Alvarez’s deliberate omission and misrepresentation of pertinent facts and gross misleading of the public to paint himself as innocent and me as untruthful
is abhorrent.

“Mr. Alvarez’s legal team is in possession of information and documents from the prosecution file that the court has not yet ordered be provided to my team. This is a disgraceful imbalance, and it must be rectified if there is any hope of ensuring me justice. I look forward to ensuring the full truth is laid bare as we continue that pursuit of justice in this case.

“Finally, if, as we learned today, the accused can be told of the prosecutor’s decision more than month before the survivor, we have much work to do in reforming the criminal justice system for sexual assault survivors.”

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