Kim Endorsed Teamsters by Local 676 and Joint Council 53


Today, Andy Kim announced he has been endorsed for reelection by the Teamsters Local 676 and Joint Council 53.

“Unions and union workers are the backbone of our country. They’ve built our roads and our homes, our schools and railways,” said Kim. “Our unions have spearheaded every movement to fight for safer working conditions, better hours, and better benefits – defining what it means to have a good paying job. I appreciate the endorsement  of Teamsters Local 676 and Joint Council 53. Together, we will continue to fight for fair pay, the right to collectively bargain, and safe work environments for every working American.

Kim said he is proud to represent the community where he grew up. He continues to have a strong coalition of grassroots support that has been behind him since 2018 and helped him secure two historic victories. Without taking a dime of corporate PAC money, he noted, Kim’s campaign has raised more than $5 million this cycle through grassroots support. Prior to serving in Congress, Congressman Kim worked as a civilian advisor to four-star generals and at the Pentagon, and served under both Republican and Democratic Presidents. He now resides in Moorestown with his wife Kammy and two young sons.

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