Lance Feels The Heat At Town Hall


In a political atmosphere opposite 2010 when the Tea Party lambasted Democrats at town halls over the Affordable Care Act, Congressman Leonard Lance (7th District) was met with early hostility as he held his town hall event tonight at Raritan Valley Community College.  With hundreds of protesters outside, the crowd filling the room was just as hostile.  The mood was set when they saluted the flag, and the crowd put a big brazen exclamation point on, “and justice FOR ALL!!”.  Lance responded, meekly, “I agree”, at which the crowd groaned and laughed.

“I want to make sure there is coverage for everybody, including those with expanded Medicaid,” said Lance.  People shouted, “That’s Obamacare, then why repeal it!”

The mere mention of President Donald Trump sent the crowd screaming and booing, as did a comment about Lance’s vote against federal funding for abortion.

“I know there are many in this room who disagree with me,” said Lance, as calm in tone as he could be, as he was repeatedly showered with catcalls boos from a relentlessly assaulting audience.

Throughout, Lance attempted to answer questions respectfully.  “Let him talk,” one voice grumbled from deep in the audience.

Russia? Lance responded that he has “confidence in our intelligence committees.”

President Trump’s tax returns?  “I will do what is in the best national interest,” he said, failing to mollify the crowd.

One audience member, Doctor Robert Yankowitz of Millburn started to speak. “I’m a psychologist,” he said, to huge cheers from the crowd. “I hope I get a clean bill of health,” responded Lance.

Read more about Congressman Lance’s town hall from InsiderNJ here and here.



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2 responses to “Lance Feels The Heat At Town Hall”

  1. I was there and it was not “volatile.” This reporter is making it sound way more dramatic than it really was.

  2. Politics… it’s such a difficult business, especially for those that want to do the right thing.

    Ally yourself with the people you trust and that you believe have the character to lead. If you truly want to serve the people in an elected position yourself, then do it for the right reasons, always be true to yourself and recognize that if integrity is your guide, there will certainly be challenges along the way. That is the guarantee, but it is the only way when you turn out the lights to be able to go to sleep at night with a clear conscience.

    Integrity really matters. I was a Freeholder and I am therefore very familiar with many of the people you read about in the newspaper today. I can honestly tell you I’ve met some good hearted people in politics in both parties and have also met people that are truly unable to hide their pure personal motives for being in politics. It’s about them and their benefit.

    You want to stay away from those. These are the people that put their hand on the Bible are then when they are told what to do…they do it. Blind loyalty is exacted of them. It’s a non-negotiable.

    Spend the people’s money? ‘no problem!’ Bond as much as you can, ‘you got it’. Hire the incompetent, ‘how many?’

    ‘Do as I say and you will be rewarded with a job or a position of prestige and power.’ That is what certain party chieftains use as their definition of loyalty. Fortunately there are some that do no operate that way.

    So I say to those that are young or to those who for the first time have decided to make a commitment to public service. You can. There is still space for you. Work hard to identify those individuals that are the profiteers, that hop on the bandwagon of the person that has the best fed horse, but with the feed that has been stolen from the community’s shed. That is what they have been doing for years. They are now silent because their ring leader is now riding off into the sunset even though they raised money for him, supported him and received benefits from him. That’s what the article is about.

    Don’t be disenchanted by the political noise, the demagoguery and subterfuge. In the world of politics, patience also matters, for nothing is permanent. Dictators fall. Always.

    There are some that won’t be able to comment here on this post let alone like it. I understand why you don’t. It’s ok. Its just important that you recognize the nature of what has taken place in Union County and how eventually decency will win the day.

    The sun goes down but it also rises for the new day. We will be there when the sun rises.

    Ghandi had a wonderful quote, “Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”

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