LD3 Flashpoint: Hounded Grenier Goes off on Sweeney Campaign


LD3 Republican challenger Fran Grenier today charged Senate President Steve Sweeney’s (D-3) campaign with bullying tactics, said he’s fed up – but ultimately unbowed as he undertakes his uphill challenge of the South Jersey icon.

“I want Steve Sweeney and all of the people of South Jersey to know that I will not be intimidated,” said Grenier. “Basic bullying tactics won’t deter me from fighting for the residents of this district.”

The GOP challenger described three separate incidents. Earlier in the week, he said two men with video cameras stalked him aggressively.  They rushed into his personal space, followed him into a public tax board meeting, and later back to his car, the Republican said.

“I’ve obviously rattled the cage of the Steve Sweeney machine,” he said. “This Senate seat is their golden goose for making deals in Trenton and they are desperate to hold onto it. They know I’m going to be there to represent South Jersey and not their special interests, and they will do anything to stop me.”

Wednesday, a group supporting Sweeney sent a mass email with the claim that Grenier is “helping his ultra-wealthy lobbyist friends get even richer,” the challenger said.

“These claims are rich considering Steve Sweeney is bankrolled by special interest groups and has millions of dollars flow through his campaign accounts to prove it. Not to mention, he is a lobbyist who has been paid over $2 million by special interests,” Grenier said.

Finally, Thursday, the challenger said he received paperwork at his home that made what he called a false charge that his campaign committee needed to be investigated by the Election Law Enforcement commission.

“I would welcome a debate with Senator Sweeney on ethics. He can name the time and place and I’ll be there,” Grenier said. “We’re talking about a lobbyist, former duel office holder and someone who had to have a judge step into public meetings because of the lack of transparency. If Chris Christie’s backroom deal buddy wants to debate, I welcome it.”

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One response to “LD3 Flashpoint: Hounded Grenier Goes off on Sweeney Campaign”

  1. Sweeney has been a Republicrat for years. He does whatever Chris Christie tells him to do and over the years he has betrayed his Democratic base over and over. Democrats in Sweeney’s district shouldn’t feel compelled to vote for him. He is a Christie puppet and will remain a Christie puppet long after the most unpopular Governor in history is gone. Democrats should swallow the bitter pill, vote for Sweeney’s opponent and rid the State Senate of Sweeney now while they have the opportunity.

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